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  1. 1 hour ago, Сдали нервы 5 said:

    Главное не говорите им про существование ямы :pig1gy:

    Удаление дебаффа, похоже, работает по таймеру, а не по времени восстановления, как у обычного навыка. Несколько раз, когда мы входили в комнату босса, когда до конца оставалось более 19 минут, босс почти мгновенно использовал эту способность. Могу ошибаться, но похоже, что именно так это и работает

  2. 5 hours ago, Mrakoriz said:

    Так дефолтное прохождение же. Я думал там будет 100% времени стана мобам и РБ, а тут ничего особенного

    Если все 5 полностью оглушаются, оно становится медленным из-за отсутствия урона. На данный момент это просто шуточная стратегия, а не работающая.

  3. I dont really understand it either, my best guess is that the idea behind it probably is to keep kl somewhat relevant after all the talents have been studied, but surely there are way better ways of doing that. At the very least there should be an option to pay for the swap using both gold/mcoins.


    Alongside that you could add, for example, a arena point style shop where you can spend your kl on some things to keep kl relevant. Maybe you could even buy tradeable tokens that allow you to swap branches or to sell them to other people when you have no other need for it? Something like that could be decent anyway.

  4. You really should choose a class that fits your preferences; whether you want to be a damager, support, tank or something inbetween. That being said, there are some classes that are easier to get into as a fresh player:


    1. Beastmaster 


    Beastmaster has probably the most forgiving early game out of any of the classes; allowing you to progress noticeably faster than most other classes. It is also a very varied class, being able to kind of play both support and damage.


    2. Priest


    Priests are difficult to level alone given their very heavily supportive role, but if you do manage to get through that it is one of the most cost effective classes you could have. You can be very effective with surprisingly little gears wise. But it is probably the most support heavy class there is, alongside necros. So if playing support isn't your thing maybe skip this one.




    Bladedancer is an extremely self sustaining class both early and late game. You have high hp and high damage to start with; making leveling fairly easy, and in the late game it is the most capable class when it comes to soloing a lot of things. However in the late game it does struggle a bit with finding a place in team based content because it is sort of a jack of all trades - type class and does sometimes get left out in favor of more specialized classes.


    I don't know enough about mc classes to recommend any, but theres a few elf side ones that have different strenghts and weaknesses.

  5. 13 hours ago, Gladiator said:

    I would like to see more buff/debuff manipulation skills. Maybe not dispelling but something similar like a debuff that blocks incoming buffs for some time, or a skills that switch active buffs/debuffs between the character and the target. They can also be done as support version - transfer buffs from an enemy to a selected ally. They would need to introduce a skill mechanic that requires selection of 2 targets (which honestly opens up the possibility for so many new ideas for kind of "next-gen" skills)


    Something like that should be fairly simple to do, unless theres some technical problems I'm not aware of. You could just make a skill that works in 2 stages. Use the skill on an enemy to steal a buff, like any other offensive skill, and then if a buff is succesfully stolen it'll change into a buff skill that can only be used on a party member. Something like that would be cool if it was done correctly.

  6. 14 hours ago, Usangkun said:

    Ok thanks for the Information bro, so EU always active player yes??? I see because now i play enter EU server.hahahah MAP begining is so many player iso far i see. Anyway, if i have 2 account with condition 1 smartphone + 1 netbook in same party its okay??? or something can be banned???? thanks before :)

    You're allowed to play 2 accounts on the same time as long as they're being played on 2 different devices, but that's the max allowed according to the rules.


    Eu is relatively active; atleast elf side is. As for mc side I don't really know, haven't played there for a long time.

  7. You should choose a server that works for your time zone. A lot of events and such are timed for the presented time zones for each server, EU is catered for european time, BR for brazilian time etc.


    As for the populations of servers, russian servers+BR server are probably the most populated, followed by EU which is active and US/SEA are sort of inactive as far as I know.

  8. It wouldn't hurt to have 1 more class on each side that has that kind of a skill, but the problem is which classes they should be. Personally I atleast think that straight up giving any current class that ability would probably push them towards being a bit too strong, because as of right now all the classes are fairly balanced outside of a couple skills maybe needing some tweaking. Maybe in the form of a talent that switches some other ability to a dispell?

  9. 2 hours ago, Laevateinn said:

    If u leave skill area, u wont get any dmg from skill

    Okay, but while you are in the area does the skill apply an effect that does damage over time to the target? Kind of like every other DoT skill?


    Also making the skill, which applies a DoT effect, act like a skill that doesn't do that, would make it trigger things like stun stat. Given the nature of the skill that would be an issue.

  10. On 6/21/2024 at 7:00 PM, Newworldorder said:

    Barbs are only good full book full amp full talent otherwise they are garbage. Bds can beat barb easy (saying their books gear is similar etc) but none talking about this 

    You can't really balance things based on chars not fully geared/booked. If you start changing things based on that, then the people who do have the gears/books will be able to abuse such changes even more than the F2P players, which would just make the gap between F2P and paid people much larger.

  11. 9 hours ago, Shadowmon said:

    Thanks for your input. Dgs are more profitable if you can spam them more. I see what you mean due to the increase of drops. However, that'll be a win foe the guild owners for gp. The player gets to grind for the gear they want, more knowledge, reputation. This is more of a win to me. The problem is the gold system. Bosses should be dropping 1000s of gold. We need more daily dg quest and not just m4 t4. Would you agree with a stronger gold reward system? Because not everyone want to rely on drops to gain wealth within the game. 

    The gold gain from quests and bosses could be buffed yea. Especially things like almahad quests should be scaled up to match their difficulty. 

  12. 2 hours ago, Shadowmon said:

    How devalue will hurt f2p player when the gold reward system is terrible? 


    I'm not sure what you mean, but changing something that will lower the price of items and devalues gold, the only currency F2P players have access to, will only benefit people who buy mcoins while hurting F2P.


    If you buff places from which gold comes from, such as dgs, quests and arena, then some item prices will rise with demand aswell. This won't be a problem for mcoin users since mcoin items will always be in high demand and will keep up in price, but the items/gold that F2P players farm would drop in relative value as a result of these buffs. You know how every rune/crystal price instantly drops when event chests come on sale? It would essentially be the same thing for the profitability of most activities F2P people do for gold now.


    Also the system really isn't that bad now. Theres a lot of things people can do for free to gain gold. Dgs in general have become more profitable(especially event ones), theres more quests to do, tombs/posts and loads of guild events with good rewards to take part in. 

  13. Having a cost to do arena/dgs is necessary for game balance and for any item to retain their value; if tickets were completely free you might aswell just afk demand forever ruining arena completely, and if stam had no cost at all, dg drops/gold would quickly get devalued. You could farm infinite scrolls/pots from both of these activities with multiple alts to then sell those to npcs for infinite gold. Both of these things would hurt the F2P player base much more than it would hurt the people who spend a lot on the game.

  14. 7 hours ago, Theweasel said:

    The damage debuff depends on how much damage you receiving, it keep increasing the more damage you receives.

    It counts your defensive stats only in the moment of receiving damage but not with the delayed death debuff.


    An good example its the item ( death's  dance) from league of legends

    So if you take 10k dmg through your defs during dd buff, it will hit you for 4x 2k damage after it ends? No matter how much def or dmg reduction you have.


    Sorry if im being repetitive, but I want to make sure i understand how the skill actually works in practice before making any uninformed comments about it.

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