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  1. These kind of stats always interesting to see. 1634 ppl in one event stage at once is crazy.
  2. It's a nice idea, but it'd only really fit pure tank classes imo. Palas have high support from heal/aoe stun, barbs have good stuns and dmg, and bds nowadays mostly build for damage. For dk and warden it makes sense since they're the most "pure tank classes".
  3. It's been a topic for a while that a new system to transfer guild leadership is needed. As far as i know, it's in the works, but there has been no word about how it would work. Either way, it would have to be a system thats not easily abused, would be forgiving enough for just being busy and one that would not lead to scams by a random leader being selected. So, my suggestion is a voting system. A fair way to even start the process would be needed. Someone being busy for 2 weeks and losing a guild they've worked on for years isn't exactly fair. One way this could be done, is implementing a box, for the lack of a better word, for the leader to sign off on, say, once per month, to confirm they still wish to keep the lead. If this "box" would not be checked after a month, or however long time is seen fit, has passed, the option to start a vote for new leadership would take place. This vote could happen during a week or so, in which the heirs of the guild, could vote for another heir, who, with the majority of votes, would receive the leadership. This would not only prevent scams, but also allow the members of the guild to choose a person, that they see fit, to take on that role.
  4. In these pics ur changing between a ring and an amulet. The difference of flat damage between an amulet and a ring is higher than the 1% dmg difference between these 2 gears. So basically removing an amulet lowers your dmg more than removing a ring. This is also the main reason why % dmg rings are alot more preferable to %dmg amulets.
  5. I mean one might call a heavy armor and shield using character with an agro skill a tank, but maybe im mistaken. Mans still ignoring everything thats been said. Or is actually incapable of understanding.
  6. How on earth is rage hard to activate. Theres relics to guarantee it, theres a group rage book, theres a charmer hitting things with a mace and skills, each of which can keep rage active? No other class has that advantage. No minions get crit dmg from their user, or activate the users rage. Even without 100% crits charmers have extremely high dps. I would argue they do around same dps as bds and rogues even without the relic. The fact that you want a healing tank class to also beat pure damage classes is a bit off.
  7. Firstly, this still isn't an issue with just current raid bosses. The conditions these bosses provide simply brought an existing balance issue to light. Secondly giving a singular bleed skill crits is alot different than 3 dogs doing 4-5k crits each constantly. Thirdly, using gear price as a reason is just dumb. Do you think every other class just spawns in the game with good gears? For no cost? Fourthly, i think you forget that charmers actually do get all those stats. Just dogs don't, much like any other minion. Lastly, you're still ignoring the fact that a single relic is doing more than any book, gear or relic does in the game. By a huge margin. And why that is objectively speaking a balance issue. Now i don't know if you just lack the capability to comprehend what i'm trying to say, or if your view is just clouded so badly by an existing bias that you refuse to see the problem with a single relic doing this much. Either way, tried to explain this same thing 3 times to you now, and each time you answer like you hadn't read a word.
  8. You also cant spawn 3 hamstrings for example, and they wont do 2k+ non crit dmg, also you cant have 3 of them just lingering around. You're just making a comparison between 2 completely different things to dodge the actual point. You're even quoting a post where the point was explained, in detail, and yet you just ignore it. Or you can't understand it, in which case theres not much that can be done about it.
  9. This is just ignoring the whole point either on purpose or by just not understanding. The problem isn't the description, it's how strong the relic is when paired with call. For every other skill that it can be used on, it isn't a problem, whether or not it works exactly as the description says. For example, hamstring, you get 3 crits on a low damage bleed skill, that will have a cooldown after. Ok, thats not bad but not broken. Druids bees same deal, you get crits on a low dmg DoT skill, once again, decent, not broken. Barbarian, same deal, DoT skill. And same goes for hunter and warlock. For mages and shamans it is a 1 time aoe nuke. This list goes on for every class, until we arrive at charmer. Instead of it being applied to a one time use skill, it gets applied to a summoned minion, which lingers around, dealing consistent high damage even without crits, and to top it off you can keep 3 of them up permanently. Also this skill happens to be charmers main source of damage, which is now, you guessed it, doubled. And this pairing is the problem. Call is a completely different type of skill from every other skill that this relic can be used on. Creating a unique situation where the skill/relic pairing is simply broken and unbalanced. Hopefully this clears up any confusions, and allows you to take part in the conversation with a proper understanding of the problem at hand!
  10. Feel like you're either missing the point completely or ignoring it on purpose. This isn't about losing raid bosses, or using wrong parties, it's about what that relic does and it being absurd. It's not theory, and it's not just there raid bosses, the relic simoly just does straight up double charmers main damage. I don't know how many times i have to point this out until you accept thats what i'm trying to say. Yes, nobody complained before. That doesn't mean it wasn't a problem before, just means raid bosses highlighted a problem, that existed way before them, but went unnoticed.
  11. There is no other relic, for any class, in the game, that can instantly double your dmg output. Even the few second ones dont come close to that. So saying it's about builds or relics is kind of irrelevant, when thats the case literally on only one class, by one relic, in the whole game. It's not just the raid boss that is the issue, those just highlighted an existing problem. Building a char properly also applies to every char, yet no other char has access to a relic that just gives you double damage.A single relic should never do that. Even power of blades gives only 30%, and only on autos, for a cost and ppl still say its op. Then theres this relic, doing triple that with 0 cost. Rage gears costing "millions" makes no sense to use as an argument. An attack strength book costs 5mil+, and gives you 4%. This relic is equal to, are you ready? 25 OF THOSE 5MIL BOOKS. The couple mil it takes to get some rage gears and pop a pot to abuse a broken relic doesn't make it less broken.
  12. Theres a notable difference between a strong relic, such as ice captivity one, and a relic that grants you permanent double damage on your main damage source. Even comparing that to normal relics is like comparing nukes to fireworks.
  13. 20 replies and yet this fact about said relic is being dodged constantly. The same old "but x class does this" or "but person y complained about this before", instead of even trying to address the relic itself. It's like having 2,5 bds old POBs active, with no cost. A skill that was widely considered broken and in need of a fix, which it deservingly got. It was almost universally agreed that this change was needed. Why is something over twice as strong not deserving of that same treatment?
  14. You dont need max rage build for it though. It isn't about some relics being better for other classes. It's about a single item, giving 100% crit chance permanently to a chars main source of dmg. It's the equivalent of giving seeker/rogue/bd or any dmg class 100% crit on their auto attacks with a single relic. It's hilarious how dumb it is.
  15. Charmers are completely fine. They're a nice all around class that can switch builds accordingly. Could even say one of the most balanced and well designed classes. The but is a single relic, which to other classes gives a 1 time crit, essentially doubling the whole dmg output of the class. It is in practice the same as getting a 100% dmg boost book. Even that could somehow be fine, if it worked the same way for every class. However, only class it does this to is charmer. Same relic which gives hamstring 500 extra dmg, or mages 1 time crit nuke, instantly doubles the whole damage output of a class. A single relic. You can't defend that, its absurd. You can see how absurd it is by nobody even attempting to defend it, instead deflecting the conversation to people "crying" or something else having been busted. I'd love to see anyone come up with an actual argument trying to justify one relic doubling a whole classes damage. Even the best books, gears, builds, nothing comes close to what that relic is doing. It is just absurd, and probably something that was overlooked.
  16. Charmers themselves are fine. Don't need any nerfs tbh. What however does deserve a change is a single relic permanently doubling the dmg output of a single class. While functioning completely differently on every other one.
  17. Would be nice for raid boss books. 200-300k knowledge is alot of work so doesn't seem too op. Also would open access to them for people not in the guilds that dominate the bosses.
  18. Lvl 32 spring weapons are giving less xp per job than lvl 30 ones, while also having longer completion times. Is this intentional?
  19. Then you just lie, or go in arena with no buffs against fully buffed people. Screen_Recording_20211214-034351_Warspear Online.mp4
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