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  1. I gets some arena points everyday, I saw somebody said that it can be used in arena shop, for some of arena equipments, I wonder where is the shop?
  2. Thx buddy, I got it that it can be done with PC, no go with mobile device.
  3. First Thank you for your replay, the way you mentioned could send item name into chat directly, but only the Item itself. What I want to do is to attach some my own words with it, all in one sentence, just like: Sordar: Hi this is my own words [Great Bow WindForce] I saw somebody did it in chat, I wonder how...
  4. I would like to send a chat with item, together with my own words, like MyName: Buy equipment [some Item name] No separate line, Does anyone know how to? And another question is how to repeat my last say?
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