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  1. I used to play in US Sapphire The ones where Pernicious and Kjlimo used to lead the firstborn when max lvl was 20 (i'm guessing a lot has changed since then) I was hoping PVE because competing PVP might be too competitive given a lot of players are willing to spend their $$$ to gain an edge I really just want to enjoy the game and make friends while completing quests again. After all, Warspear's main selling point is cooperation and community among players right? What kept me well-invested in this game was the interaction between MCs and elves, something I haven't seen in any other game (yet). Speaking of which, AIgrind is working on an upcoming MMORPG - Skylore. But it isn't released yet. I'm thinking of just starting an account on that game since, if worse comes to worst, AIgrind may shift its focus on development toward Skylore and have Warspear end up being neglected in the near future (which I hope won't happen either way for the pros who spent thousands of mcoins and hours grinding the bosses in lab)
  2. Hi, I'm Quantumarc, a druid who stopped playing around 2016 the same time Lordbloody quit. It seems a lot has changed in game and would like to play again. Unfortunately, I've already lost my previous account and will be starting fresh. Would appreciate any useful advice on new recommendable characters to play with Thanks so much!
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