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  1. I see very many people complaining about the inequality that's persisted for a long time now between the classes of mc side and elf side. Many people (including me) feel like elf classes are very overpowered when compared to their mc equivalent, e.g. rangers being the best damager in the game, warden being the best tank and BD being the best... everything? I mean what even is that class at this point, tank? damage? lol. Anyway, to come to my main question: Is there people hired at Aigrind that specifically do the balance changes for skills/classes? If not, it would maybe be something to think about and I believe many people will agree with this. I think the frequency of balance changes regarding this could also be upped by A LOT. This may also help the problem that there's obviously way more people playing on elf side at this point than on mc side.

  2. Yo, what does "best" mean in your opinion? The amp or the skill? The arena rank or pvp's? In my opinion, pvp shows who's the best, neither amp nor the rank, that's just spamming and requires less skill than win a pvp vs. an almost same-strong-enemy :)
    For me it's Oblivioin. He's the only one who clearly beats me in pvp lmao, Legionner is just unfair with his level 9 bow & just spams a lot, that's what he is famous for.
    Calamarket is a good level 6 too, unfortunately he's kinda inactive nowadays :/

    so back to my question: Who's the "best"? The one who wins the most pvps or the one who's equip is +10 and spams alot?

  3.          In the whole world of arinar, many mysterious legends and place. One of that many mysterious place, the eternal forest held many legend. Eternal forest or nowaday more famous with ayvondil name, before this island isnt separated from the world then first war of spear came, big war of greatest wizard and legendary warrior from legion and sentinel side cant be avoided this war devastated ayvondil but war still continue. The sky become dark, water surface isnt calm anymore storm raging, ground trembling, no safe place left in arinar. This war created a big turbullent whirlpool on ocean around eternal forest, so big that can make an island ground plate moving, since that ayvondil gone missing from the rest of the world.


             Then few next centuries after that a sea adventurer found ayvondil for one more time, after passed raging storm, fight sea monster, and long journey. Folk of eternal forest is welcome them when they landed to this island, then  they do some expedition to some part of new island of ayvondil...they found many strange plant and creature they never saw before. Stay for few months, many story they have heard from townfolk, but one they excited most are story about eternal forest guardian called Gravde. After few month looking for the evidence they finally saw Gravde, and coming back to their hometown with bringing some news about what they have discovered during their long journey. Since that time many traveller has come into ayvondil, looking their fortunes. 


              Gravde is an ent race that created by nature also magic during the war, yet it is larger, faster, and of course dangerous than all of ent wandering around eternal forest. Gravde appearance is different than any ent you ever saw. His body made from strongest and rarest wood in arinar, it left hand covered with huge log strong like diamond no normal weapon can scratch that, mixed with sharp thorn plant as his deffence also can be his attack. But the worst is his weapon, wooden spear enchanted with strong black magic and poisonous this material also secure Gravde's back, so never think to try stab him from behind. One thing make Gravde look really diiferent is he put a shining plant at his chest that called "miracle plant" rumor say thats miracle plant is his heart and can make anyone who eat that can become stronger and unbeatable, eternal life, or anything you have been dreamed all of ur life.  But nobody has show the evidence because till now nobody able to defeat Gravde.  :diablo::diablo:



              Townfolks around eternal forest said, "Gravde the one who securing also the one who grown plant in all side of eternal forest, his steps make some seedplants come out from ground, some part of his body fall into ground make plant grown faster and larger than normal plant, any plant touched by his spear become stronger and no ordinary weapon can chop it'. All animal or we can say creatures inhabit on eternal forest respect Gravde it can say he is the one who made their habbitat, saving them from extinction so anyone try come his lair, they will protect Gravde with their life. Gravde also the one who spreading ents all around eternal forest.



              After all Gravde is peacefully creature, he rarely go out from his lair except if someone trying to harm the forest, he will come running that make ground tremble it make anyone who trying to harm the forest feared and can do nothing except let Gravde take their life.Or most of the time, some fool bandits, unfamous adventurer, unskilled warriors, trying to make their name famous  by defeating him and get the miracle plant or make a strongest armor that never created in arinar from Gravde's dead body, but till now nobody has coming back from that lair maybe they die or maybe Gravde transform them become strange creatures, who know? This story long forgotten for many century in eternal forest town, till few months ago some traveller said they saw  a huge monstrous huge ent, and start asking what kind of creature thats, after some researching now this story exist again. So are u brave enough to come and defeat him? ;D:give_rose:


    Gravde spec's:


    HP:                   1,75 M

    MANA:            1000

    Mana Regen:  150

    Phys dmg:       500

    Magic dmg:    400

    Location:         Somewhere around eternal forest :P


    #1 : ROOT QUAKE,  Gravde punch his left hand into ground push enemy 4 yards and root them for a while

    #2 : WOOD PROTECTION,  Increased Gravde Deffence 50%

    #3 : SPIKE RAIN,  Throwing spike from his back and dealt damage to anyone in 4 yards radius

    #4 : VENOM SPEAR, Put poison at his spear, reduce enemy attack under this skill and do bit damage per tick

    #5 : FOREST ASSIST, Restoring some of his health, while calling 2 ents to help him




    Gravde Behaviour:


    Anyone stand in one yards from Gravde get damage lower than his primary target, anytime Gravde using root quake skill automatically he using spike rain and throw his enchanted wooden spear(magic attack) to his primary target, every 200 k hp lost gravde call 2 ents ( each have 25k hp and do phys dmg) to help him and restoring some amount of his hp. His lair full of ancient ents that root anything around them





    gravde 2 bw.jpg

    gravde 2.jpg

    gravde 3 loc.jpg

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