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  1. Better make same like did with guild and party invations, make that prson can disable eexchange system, later when he want trade or sell smth he will enable exchange system.
  2. Dont Remove Exchange System. How we sell or trade items? We can use dealer but they take 10% cost if sell, Please dont remove Exchange system.. its very useful
  3. i dont cry, but if they say 3hours so should do it in 3hours.. not longer..
  4. remember last update " caprure teritories " it took 5hours :! hope this time wont be 5hours :!
  5. Who can help me unblock my account? Name: joshuaheal 24lv necromancer Realm: eu emerald who can help me, please help get this char back, im friendly guy always helping other ppl, i pay some gold who help me
  6. I said if i dont get back my account or money back so i will report this game to police, not 1me report i have many friends which blocked for nothink and this game will be dead. Sorry bad english..
  7. P.s if someone sent ss than that person scammer, now new age, we have programs like photoshop and many screenshots are just fake
  8. Not i 1 tryed to trade my account, look in w chat how many ppl trading chars and they still not blocked even scammers not blocked.. I was good guy and im bored play as necro so iwanted somethink new and i dont traded char yet i just spammed in w chat that i trading and i got block...
  9. I was big this game donater and fan.. Im playing this game 5years, i spent a my time and money to this game and now my account blocked... I broken my eyes playing this game and now i wearing glasses.. I lost now everythink....
  10. I know many persons which spent a lot of money to this game and now banned
  11. I hate i think on this game . Here is 100000++ players which trading chars.. And maybe that ppl waste for account 10000 € and later account get block.. Free money for aigrind . This game should create account creating system or give ban for 1week or somethink.. Permamently ban = stolen real money and many wasted time for wht? For nothink... I saw many ppl trading chars and they not banned, so i wanted somethink new too i tryed to trade and idj which noob reported me and sent ss in which i trading my account and now i got block.. I wasted 5years for thar accounts many nights i dont sleep but i played ducking ws, also i wasted a lot of my real money to make my char good. And now my account blocked. Why many ppl which trading accounts still not blocked, but me blocked so wtf... If i dont get my account i think i report this game to plice coz ppl using real money to get some mcoins and later them acc blocked. Game stealing people...
  12. Who can help me unblocl my account? i lost 24lv good necro, i wasted for this acc a lot of time and a lot of my money... And now its blocked :/ i wanted trade it
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