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  1. Dear Sir or Madam,


    I want you to ask about blocked account. After 10mounths ago my necromancer have been blocked. I know what i did wrong. I read all rules again. And im very sorry what im done. But i really want play this game again and my friends want it too. My account blocked 10mounts and maybe after this long time possible to unblock account? My friends want that i play again this game, but my char is blocked, also i want waste some money for miracle coins. Is there chance to unblock account? I never do something against rules again. I just want to get back my char. I cant do everythink to get account unblocked.


    And 1 more think sometimes i write to support about unblovking, but they not reply me, i dont know why.


    Please help me.

    Thank you. :)


  2. My facebook was deleted and there was binded warspear. where is other method how can unbind warspear from facebook?

    Sorry my english bad.

  3. hello everyone. Today i want to sell my arcane legends account so i need to give gmail for succesful trade but my warspear account is in same gmail so i cant trade. is it possible to unbind gmail from warspear account?

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