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  1. Proserpine. > Toughest druid at warspear version 0.7 (Quitted game last 4 years) Dragneil > Monster Barb panda with Well Tried Spadone (Quitted game last 4 years) Sennheiser > Good lvl20 leads his team to beat Lambert. (well lambert is tough way back, now its easy, Quitted last 2-3years?) Eisha/Kiyomi. > Most famous girl, if you know why, u're old here. (Quitted last last 2 years) Vcut/Oracles > my partner at lvl20 2x2 category, beated Physik and pawning everyone at Pvp cave (Quitted last 1 1/2 years) Sorry if I answered this topic wrong xD
  2. Us sapphire? Ryderx/Jesenia/Maraa - Mc. Obluntz / Dragonskey - Elf.
  3. Lvl14 arena best Players for me. (based on my experienced in some Pvp's and 2x2 strategic match ups.) Mc/Forsaken: Rogue: Wildangel Panpalka Subspecies Fortythief Barbarian: Pachacutec Anttoop Twerkforme/Swagspear Shaman: Weelbr/Shandowisk Cutefairy Necro: Fecheee DeathKnight: Metrowy Khanzel Vaneztisze Warlock: Lennojx Lianqlahad (+5 staff but good skills timing, partnered with my ancutez) Elf/Chosen: Druid: Eaglewars Xyzeal Kyenzi Bladedancer: Urowak Sparrowe Grymjow Lydiakiss Merdaka Ranger: Zepar Zhiepz Cuogne Xxlegolaxx Jybut Namvietnam Icantwinx Pvprange/Laserbow Killerbowz Mrjaggy Paladin: Yellowmiks Princefran Mage: I don't remember any, but Alfathoni Priest: Itachims Oldenchant Mscristinn Sorry If I missed someone. Ty. No hate spread Love.
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