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  1. read Russian forum they have a few drops of Berengar :P

    and at screenshot u can see more of 60 pots ;D , some like 110 now  :crazy: I am waiting for store  ;)


    I don't understand russian, LAWL, Ya crazy 110 pots! I just got like... 2?  :D

    dont worry man devs said theyre gonna balance each class. so hopefully damage will improve. plus we can now wear chainmail so more def.  :good:


    Yeah, dude, BUT THE FIRST THING THE DANCERS WANT TO KNOW IS.. "Are The Effects Of The Increased Armour Stats Effective At The Update, Such As Addition Health and all that? Huh Gm? Are they effective? If not then Chain armour would be useless.. Just cross your fingers and hope for the best!
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