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  1. oi, Pinoy! Musta? :drinks: I just put +63 then other 10 digits, EXAMPLE: +639190036051 (example*random number*)
  2. Aw, I was to lazy to Farm and now I just got 2k on my BD and I just got to Isrelnor, Oh, well, I just buy in Nadir-Sard, Cheap there, :P
  3. are you selling the Acute Sword? I wanna buy, still on sale?
  4. I don't understand russian, LAWL, Ya crazy 110 pots! I just got like... 2? :D
  5. Wow, Nice! :good: I hope we get enough amount to buy atleast one thing, Thanks for zee free Coins, I hope I recieve them, Welp, Time to wait for update,
  6. Yeah, What gears do the Guards drop?
  7. if you can see in the background, About 60 Pots! Siwers is Epically rich! O.o :good:
  8. Damn, That's alotta party peeps! :drinks:
  9. Yeah, dude, BUT THE FIRST THING THE DANCERS WANT TO KNOW IS.. "Are The Effects Of The Increased Armour Stats Effective At The Update, Such As Addition Health and all that? Huh Gm? Are they effective? If not then Chain armour would be useless.. Just cross your fingers and hope for the best!
  10. Damn, I was really hoping for 2H Sword for Bladedancer :( , Welp, now I just gotta stick with my blades and wait for next updates, And I hope you balanced the Left hand Weapon cause ALL weapon do 9-13 dmg so the Sword of hunter useless and the same as Simple sword :facepalm:
  11. Yeah, I had the same problem, Then I reinstalled it on My phone memory and everything running smooth, Though it's still delay in my 3gp net :facepalm:
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