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  1. Every update makes some of the old updates worse, I noticed it, at 1.5 update Skill points were added, 1 point per lvl, at 1.9 update, you change it to 1 point per 2 lvls and even worse idea added a new skill :facepalm: Plus you added Entangle to Druid (A RANGED CLASS) thus overpowering them (Don't believe me? Get a lvl 18 barb and try walking around and some lvl 15 Druid Entagle+Lightning then Entagle wears off you half hp and either run or fight back YOUS DEAD!) Completely bad idea :facepalm: Aggresive and Taunt skill need to be fixed, mine lvl 3 and when we at Genie and I use it, Genie don't attack me like it used to, Just 1 attack then back to other target PLUS when we use it, it make us lose target :facepalm: And you changed 2 second regen to 5 second regen at 1.5 and yet you decrease HP Regen at 1.9, which was 100% A bad idea now we have to wait a long time to heal AND DON'T SAY BUY FOOD, why dn't u make food free then.. :facepalm: Please fix these, I hope you don't ignore or reject them....
  2. Mioco, Mioco, Mioco, I have already reported this The week 1.0 Update was realeased, Kuzmitch said he would try and I even named the Cellular networks available here.... And I even reported it again A week before 1.5 update... So don't blame us.... :facepalm:
  3. Maybe he/she don't use forums :wacko:
  4. Wooooot! Edited :wacko:
  5. She got hacked, I hope Devs fix this asap before Elf shy gets Deleted or robbed..... :cray: :cray: :cray:
  6. Thanks Noobvader, We shall launch attack to the Jedi's now :wacko: Birthday's over, thanks for all the greettings :blush: ;D
  7. Nooooooooooo :P U give me 2 Gladdies >:D Anyways thanks :wacko:
  8. Thanks Honey Slay & Sulla, But where's my gift? No one gave me gift yet, not even my parents :cray: Voldemorth gave my MC gold to buy Berengar gear though :good: thank you Voldemorth ;D
  9. Thanks guys ;D woot! Party party :yahoo: :wacko:
  10. mercurial

    Player Liar

    Knox, yeah, he's not a good person, I used to be his friend til he started talking s*** to me... He not a good friend... Good think Smurfy talk to him, if he didn't then you would'nt gotten ur gladdy, Smurf is a hero ;D I think he shud be ingame moderator so no problems ;D
  11. Man u ppl shud stop judging Mtm :facepalm: He's a good guy, he is definately not a noob, He cud be insulting sometimes, but hes good :friends:
  12. Even if I am in Triple P Clan :lol: Get me a Gladdy or Falchy :P and 2H weapon :P
  13. I hope it will release in 21st of September, that would be a perfect birthday present ;D
  14. He said wait for announcement, Updates are not so easy, You can't tell when it will be cause maybe something go wrong then it will be delayed then we get mad, Be patient young jedi, I can't wait either ;D
  15. OMG Kuzmitch! Stop teasing us :lol: :lol: Keep it all secret ;D
  16. I'm pink! Me, gay? You must be dreaming, babe :lol: :lol: :lol:
  17. Rabbit warriors :shok: "Not gay" :lol: :lol: :lol:
  18. BD's aggresive skill is very useful, though I have to say that some noobs keep using it on Bosses and disturbing people by making that boss evade :facepalm: And same goes for some rangers interfering and using their New skill and making the melee warriors chase the boss and therefor attracting enemies or evading, I think they should disable other players from using skills on enemies if they didn't 1st hit the boss,
  19. Ya killing my groupie? :shok: Just remember not to mess with me or you'll be messin with the wrong pinky panda ;D lol :lol:
  20. A pink panda went all airforce no. 2 all over his toilet so he...
  21. Kill Elvroarge while they dance like...
  22. I don't know if this will work, Try Uninstalling the game and then try downloading it, works for me, if you did that already, then I don't know
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