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  1. So all Sentinel transferees to Legion are CRIMINALS, unless they deleted their elves and made humans? :shok:
  2. Add my BD and Barbarian, See signature, :wacko:
  3. Drops are very rare you know, People only get few a month, And you can't just sell it for cheap price, Some drops could even be like a once in 4 months drop if your unlucky, It depends on the seller, I sell items by checking the stats and picking a price, I sell gears 5k a piece and swords 30k, Daggers 20k, 2h weapons 50k or up,
  4. 39, lvl 17, last time I checked :wacko:
  5. Actually, I'm lazy Panda :wacko: but I will do my best ;D
  6. Yesh, Me ish yur pet Panda ;D Ty for accept Ps. I'm lvl 17 not 18 :wacko:
  7. Yes I want to join, cause you are all my good friends and I want to join the family so we can be closer :)
  8. I farm on "Scouts of Dinalt's order" located south of Nadir-Sard :)
  9. Uhmm.. What's the question? :wacko:
  10. Where do you see forum rules?
  11. KUZMITCH, MIOCO, SUPPORT TEAM! ANSWER SHYLEEN! Is this how you treat your customers? Get the password and email it to her, Her account, Why need to investigate?! :facepalm: Give her account then problem solved, OH WAIT, WHAT PROBLEM?! YOU NOT EVEN DOING SOMETHING! Is that how you want us to see you guys? Not caring for customers? And Also give Mrsteph his account! You are the Devs, So get their pass, email it to them, so no more problem!! Kuzmitch, you said you don't ignore posts, so I expect you will do something bout this...
  12. It depends, Many meanings, hard to pick one :wacko:
  13. Mioce, He is right, I don't see any daily icons on map (the blue ! ) But when I get a quest it shows ! Icon on map, Then when I cross border it disappears, I think there is a problem :(
  14. You can see Vold heading for cover :lol: :lol:
  15. EXACTLY! My other character (Low Level) take 8-10 mins. When i'm doing hard quest, AND THAT'S AFTER EVERY 2 KILLS :facepalm: I would prefer 2 second regen, even my barb had hard time at Godgorrot at 1.5, I wonder what kind of HELL it is now :facepalm:
  16. Sir Kuzmitch, please tell us why can't connect? I can't wait no more :(
  17. Or Pandas can attack with Paws, 300 damage, attack speed = 85% :wacko:
  18. SSSHHH! Quiet Young Jedi, we don't want 1000 mcoins per low rune :lol:
  19. OMFG! I logged out my MC to change to Elf!! Nice one Panda, Nice one :facepalm:
  20. Btw Kuzmitch, can you change Aggresive & Taunt skill next update, to "It will force enemy to loose it's target and focus on you" ? Because now Enemy just attacks me a couple of times (2 i think) and then the player I was trying to save dies :( that doesn't sound like a tanker.. The skill was perfect at 1.5, bladedancers save the rangers at boss hunts.. If you can, please?
  21. Oh, ok, is it possible to decrease eating time? I'm a panda, I do eat fast ;D
  22. I see, Just don't make things harder for us, it takes a long time to regen, but I have a suggestion for that : Make food a bit cheaper and make the wing buff when you use it (Enemies are unable to attack you once you eat food) that would be helpful..
  23. Thank You Mr. Kuzmitch! :) I understand now, But really from my veiw It doesn't even look like your paying attention to our posts :( And i'm sorry if this sounds a bit insulting, and I didn't mean 1.9 was suppose to be fun forever.. You made our Regen, Regen time, Skill point and other stuff lower which in my perspective was a bad idea and make us, the players, weaker :( I just hope next update better, Just support your reasons why you made things lower on the Update threads on News & Announcements, like what Mioco said : Regen was reduce cause it was bug when you switch from Ranks to Levels.. But was making regen time 2 seconds a bug too? So you made it 5 seconds? I hope next update good, This game is Great and Unique, Once again thanks for your response
  24. Instead of Ignoring us, You should pay attention to our feedback and suggestions and when I say that I Mean PAY ATTENTION TO EVERY FEEDBACK AND SUGGESTION, Game is getting boring, Arena was busy for 2 days, now boring, We need new quest and dailies, Dailies should be killing enemies or Yellow ranked boss, Regen should be faster since you made it low, boss drop rate should be increased a bit, boss drops should be updated, make a new way to earn gold instead of farming and selling drops, Add new actions ingame, we don't need new skills at the moment, WE NEED MORE QUESTS AND FUN! I got bored with Arena cause I don't get anything, just rank in the leader board, And once again PAY ATTENTION TO OUR FEEDBACK AND SUGGESTIONS, I actually prefer 1.5 than 1.9, Please make next update better, and PLEASE DON'T IGNORE THIS AND ALL FEEDBACK/SUGGESTION, that is all, thank you..
  25. What bout changing regen per 2 seconds to 5? :facepalm:
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