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  1. Call nerfed raduis husss dont tell palas let them figure it out, we will tell them than banner wont disappear only


    Illumination damages everyone (devs: we should have done this from start but where is the fun in that? Lets make palas suffer searching 10% of arinar for undead players/mobs)


    Lets not forget about the new skill oh no oh no guyz lets talk about it shall we start:


    2%def/lvl so at lvl4 it gives 8%def thats not bad but not good also. Lets say u got 5khp so it protects u from around 400dmg or so yey thats awesome



    It wasnt freaking 90second cooldown o.o and lasts only 45second at lvl4 the other 45second u go watch anime


    But wait there is more dont stop reading please let us continue ^^ if ur paladin is not in party and u use that skill u get 0%def buff wouhou thats amazing

    I meam its oki there is other skills also requires party but for this low % and this high cd and only can be used if u have a friend with u?


    I mean i dnt mind no prob ill stay in party forever but at least lower the cd or make it last longer


    Fyi its same as shaman earth protection exactly the same bug a nubber version of it, longer cd, less effective, last less time, can be used as aura only and in party only


    Devs doomed paladin into making him a walking status buffer.. *Meme incoming soon*



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