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    Quest LINK~!

    Hello You should let as know which quest that we have , all party members have, and notice them. thanks
  2. ----------------------------> In Order to play on another device you must change the password from settings>!!!! .............. aAGAGAgagaagfag ... at least i found it
  3. hello... i want to login from pc ... im playin on phone and i dont remember the accound ID .. i remember the password... What is the account ID and ?? name , email , the number of profile??? thx
  4. Castle? ?? Like Warspear 2 or expansion? When will be realeshed?
  5. Hello im Orev leader of Throne. I want to suggest you guys make party leader be able to place a mark on map so all party members will know wherr to meet or go. You can make it skill for lvl 10 navigator. (You can make 2 marks one red for "meet" and one green for "go"?) Eg. I would like to see thought more skills lvls and maps and dungeons for lvl 12 and 14. Regards. Orev
  6. Hello I want to buy a guild. Im in the guild rigt now , everything set and ready . 1) The only way is to trust the guy, giv the gold , wait for transfer? 2) Is there any other way? If not , can admins or gms support this action? Thanks
  7. check your inbox for answer -jswaaz
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