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  1. what boss drop Well-tried halberd ? Guntram or Dragon or Lambert. thanks
  2. kedo_kato


    maybe the monster bit him :lol:
  3. sr Edge, because i'm vietnamese, my english so bad, i read dont quite understand. Kuz said barb can use 2 hand sword, Micco said barb can use 2 hand axe. :( i want know exactly. So barb can use both of them? please.. And barb can use chain armor? please answer me. thanks.
  4. Barbarian can use 2hand axe in 1.0?
  5. GM, i'm vietnamese, can i ask you a question? After update Barbarian can use 2 hand axe or 2 hand sword. I want know exactly.... sr for my bad english. thanks.
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