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  1. hi my names Quilt / Pyg . sithlords scammed me
  2. most popular person will win . its obvious.
  3. it says there are demon barber sets in miracle shop , yet when i look there is no demon barber set. i don't understand .
  4. love the new warlock skill. it gets me rock hard , just sayin.
  5. oh how dumb . Elfs now got 2 AoE Heals . Yet MC's got NO AoE Heals . wtf?
  6. what i wanna know is , if those item links were from beta . how come the links are still around? dont you need the item to link it in the first place?
  7. waste of money have not got a troll costume or seen a troll costume drop yet.
  8. so from what ive read , if i run Heroic Berengars Tower with my lvl 24 Warlock , i have a chance of getting Troll Costume , but i cannot get any other drops . or am i just wasting my time with Heroic Berengars Tower?
  9. sithlords has beat you many times , then once u beat sith over something dumb you cream your pants and go crazy on forums ... lol get over it sithlords beats u everyday
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