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    malax223 got a reaction from GRAAv in Jaalax, Taker of Worlds   
    Graav u better win. Otherwise u putting my good name to shame cant wait to see hat prize you take. Im so sure of you
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    malax223 got a reaction from Harus in Battle for territories. General discussion.   
    This wars is unfair towards mc side for us server based on population unbalance. Im sure GM realises that we dont even try anymore... why continue this nonsense?
    Why not just give elf a permanent buff cos its looks like that is the intention. Its the creators job to find solutions not us the players. mc just logs off when it comes to "war time". It was over in 3minutes its ridiculous.gm DO SOMETHING ALREADY.
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    malax223 reacted to absalom in In-game moderation   
    Only the forum mods and noobs like this idea. IT IS A HORRIBLE IDEA, and i will oppose it vehemently. You power hungry keyboard warriors need to play the game more and stop trying to control things. We dont need in game mods. WTF.
    Scamming is not a big problem, nor is chat spamming. Ignore button works fine, and it is VERY EASY to avoid scammers unles youre a total idiot or already doing something that game doesnt allow.
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