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  1. Ok well black elm has been defeated once on mc side in us server by a party I was in. Unfortunately I died just before elm lolol. But then after that, , not long after. Devs decided to have a reset and bug fix of sorts. When we got back elm became immortal and or god like. Look this ssnapshot. I mean seriously, how do they expect us to kill this many mobs, nevermind getting to elm itself. This must be a glitch.


  2. This wars is unfair towards mc side for us server based on population unbalance. Im sure GM realises that we dont even try anymore... why continue this nonsense?

    Why not just give elf a permanent buff cos its looks like that is the intention. Its the creators job to find solutions not us the players. mc just logs off when it comes to "war time". It was over in 3minutes its ridiculous.gm DO SOMETHING ALREADY.

  3. okay i need to say some stuff here for GM to consider. firstly this event is an awesome idea but implemention was done porrly and without consideration for mc to elf ratios. as a mtter of fact hows about you guys tell us what the numbers really say, how many mc chars and elf chars there are in total???


    the first battle was  clearly an awesom elf victory congratz:).. but there was soooo much lag it didnt matter what i tried, i just couldnt get off an attack:(


    -something needs to be done about the lag which is created by the amount of chars in any given screen..

    * maybe even create a separate map for this( i know this cud take long tho)

    *make it fair by putting a limit on the amount of participants (eg. 1000 vs 1000) or at least a limit by ratio 1,5:1 or even 2(elf):1(mc)


    there are more issues though but i wana hear more thoughts first


    ima MC so clearly im upset about this whole thing but ima hold that in and just give suggestions

  4. At the moment its impossible to say who is the best rogue. Maybe once we can see skill point distribution and review win lose ratios. Statements about whos the best is pointless. High damage is cool, but I bet someone with high dps and extermination 4/4 will murder high dmg easy

  5. yes thank you for allowing extermination in stealth, but theres a bigger issue with this skill though. it does not make good sense for the skills effect duration to decrease while increasing its level :shok: .. at 1/4 it lasts about 20 seconds  so im thinking cool 10% cd and 5% spd increase for 20 seconds not bad :) ..thinking ok upping it now wud be perfect. so i make it 4/4 and im like :dirol: 40% cd and good speed BUT EEERRM.... :shok:  :shok:  :shok: it lasts only half the time it did at 1/4 :nea:  :cray:  :cray:  :cray:  .. what a waste of 2 books just to take it down again. THATS CHEATING GUYS Comeon!!.. my suggestion is to leave the duration set at 20seconds for 1/4 up til 4/4 cos otherwise it another useless skill kinda like flurry which wud be great if it didnt take so long to release. that time pressing the button, watching effect and actually throwing a knife is another ripoff.. 

    please look into extermination again and really think:)

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