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    Psipsi got a reaction from Omercix in [2018.09.07] Update 7.7: Hidden power. Preview   
    New lvl? Map? Bd counter skill? 

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    Psipsi reacted to Gladiator in Escape to Prison - Gladiator, US-Sapphire   
    In an ancient city controlled by cruel rulers, lived lifeless people, wore lifeless clothes, had lifeless jobs. Whenever someone decided to do something unusual or not normal, they were sentenced to suffer, in a lifeless room full of people, that once wanted to live. 
    The fate of those convicted people was mostly death, they were called to fight monsters in Colosseums to try to entertain people, but even such events were lifeless and had no joy for the spectators, the gladiators, on the other hand, had fun and didn’t feel the lifelessness, even though their fate could be death at any moment. That was the life in Vita.
    Legend says, one of the gladiators used to write journals. It is told that some scattered papers of his journals were found.
    (IMPORTANT: Reading the journals is optional, it will not affect the plot of the story, it is just a closer insight to the minds of the characters)

    Occasionally, the prison’s owners specially summon a skillful blacksmith from a different place called Arinar to repair the weapons of the prisoned gladiators, because he knew more about weapons than the repairers of Vita. He also brought the gladiators rare curing herbs that only could be found in Arinar. People of Arinar were known for their perfection in making weapons, armors, jewelry, and magical potions and scrolls.
    One Gladiator was interested in this world, because he noticed something different on the repairer, he looked, spoke, and acted very differently from what he’d normally see in Vita. 
    The Gladiator was already familiar with Arinar, he heard great things about that place.
        “Is it true what they say about Arinar?” Gladiator asked.
        “Yes, it is” the repairer confirmed and then he added, “It’s a place where you can have the best life, but also the worst one. There is a lot to adventure, but also a lot to fear. It’s no place for the weak, the coward, or the poor…”
        “The poor?!” Gladiator interrupted.
        The repairer continued, “Yes, but those don’t live long, you either fade away or die quickly, or live long enough to be one of the greatest legends of Arinar. But you can’t accomplish anything on your own, you need to join a group of other warriors that have the same intentions as you, and together, you’d overcome hardships, competing against other merciless warriors and conquering powerful castles, and on top of that, collecting valuable treasures. But I warn you, it is also not a place for the greedy and the selfish.” Then he left.
    The Gladiator was mesmerized by everything he’d heard and wanted to go to Arinar. However, he felt frustrated; he didn’t know how to escape this prison, even though he was promised to get his freedom multiple times if he kills a certain number of monsters, but he’s been lied to. Moreover, he saw many of the gladiators with blatant convictions getting their freedom, and he is still stuck, and that bothered him.
    He furiously yelled at the Prison guard, “How do I get out of here?!” not expecting a reasonable answer.
    But the guard answered, “25 shiny coins.” 
    The Gladiator was baffled, and didn’t know what kind of coins he meant, and he wrote everything down in his journal. 
    He left a hidden message on the paper and planned to give it to the repairer when he comes the next time, hoping that he’d decipher the message and help him.
    The blacksmith decides to pay the price to free Gladiator, but he asks him not to escape Vita, because he knew that Gladiator was one of the type that he warned from. Just like the gladiators before him. But Gladiator’s greed didn’t hold him back, and he managed to escape Vita.

    Remainings of the announcements made by the Vitans, it is told that they were spread in several villages in and outside Arinar
    This paper is reported to be found by the Vitans as they were following the traces of Gladiator in his escape
    He started looking for the repairer in a town called Gasphel, and he had no ‘thanks’ for him in his mind. After a while he found his allies and friends, and he forgot about his life and family in Vita, he completely got isolated; he is now trapped in Arinar, that has become his new soul prison, unlike Vita – a physical prison.
    Legends say that the body of Master Torsen was found near a set of papers, only one of them was found, the rest is lost.

    The End
    Moral of the story:
    That's it for me 🙂 Good luck for everyone!
    I thought a lot about whether I should add those handwritten journals. Obviously, the story alone is 3000 letters, so if the journals are counted, it will be like 10k or something. But I hope that the judges don’t count the journals, as I said, they are an optional and an additional reading for anyone interested. I would understand if I get disqualified because of it, but in my defense, I say that they are completely irrelevant to the plot, you can just ignore them and nothing is gonna change, I just thought it’d be a cool idea to add for more details, and a closer look to the characters mind, that would be a waste of letters if I would add that to the main story.
    2995 letters in the main story: without spaces and without the small notes about the pictures
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    Psipsi reacted to Amingo in [2018.06.28] Game servers restart   
    Real life boring, bring us warspear 
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    Psipsi got a reaction from Angelxgod in [2018.06.28] Game servers restart   
    Best problem, we need do tp myth without warden. Pls fixed. 🙄 33mns.
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    Psipsi got a reaction from Mewingdrip in [2018.06.28] Game servers restart   
    Hahha, who said🤔
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    Psipsi reacted to Reivenorik in [2018.06.21] New Heroes of Arinar Offer!   
    Here we are referring to the new heroes of the Arinar world, there are no new classes if you are about this 
    I'm sorry, I can not do anything, everything is automatic
  9. Thanks
    Psipsi reacted to Ogull in Charmers and stuns.   
    aside from charmer, even if counter attack is back to its old days nothing will change about bd
    you will still not be able to beat a charmer
  10. Thanks
    Psipsi reacted to Gladiator in Charmers and stuns.   
    I think Charmers are fine, they are just OP in 1v1, therefore I don't think it's worthy of a nerf.
  11. Thanks
    Psipsi reacted to Angelxgod in Charmers and stuns.   
    Im agree these charmer stun so overcheat !
    I think im gonna build my ranger 100% anti stun 😕
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    Psipsi got a reaction from Angelxgod in Charmers and stuns.   
    Wtf. That cave for pvp and gank. But that charmer reall a ganker. Why still waiting gm for nerff that class? Stun stun, again stunn. İ cant walk, i cant use any skill. That shit. Give Back my counter skill or make nerff charmers. 
  13. Thanks
    Psipsi reacted to Mercurry in How to get etheral essence from CC   
    Yes I would say he got a little bit over average luck in this clip 
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    Psipsi got a reaction from Omercix in How to get etheral essence from CC   
    İ did try 5 items dissasembly but didint got ethereal esse. Always meed lucky. But nice idea. İ have 13k cc. Gm never start good event, no need keep. 😂😂
  15. Thanks
    Psipsi reacted to vavavi in Charmers and stuns.   
    Tbh you had plenty of chances there to stun them back, just got a bit unlucky with resists and rush fails.
    Not that i disagree with charmers possibly needing an adjustment.
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    Psipsi reacted to Omercix in How to get etheral essence from CC   
    Actually this is a little guide shows how to get etheral essence from cc shop. Don't forget to subscribe. Thank you for watching.
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    Psipsi reacted to hentbank in [2018.04.24] Update 7.5: Bastions of Ayvondil. Release   
    The costs of guild skills is too much, please lower the cost , lol 

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    Psipsi reacted to Unfeliz in [2018.04.24] Update 7.5: Bastions of Ayvondil. Release   
    That's the point! This update is good only for high level guilds.
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    Psipsi got a reaction from Liidert in [2018.04.24] Update 7.5: Bastions of Ayvondil. Release   
    When reall update? New gear sets, weaps, Lvl 30,Cc gears, New bosses Many time waiting

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    Psipsi got a reaction from Omercix in [2018.04.24] Update 7.5: Bastions of Ayvondil. Release   

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    Psipsi got a reaction from Ubaidlee in [2018.02.15] Spring Moon Festival has come to Arinar! Survive the Nian and get astonishing prizes!   
    Yeyyyy yeyy Very good news. Thanks Gm.

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    Psipsi reacted to Hazy_sparrow in [2018.02.15] Spring Moon Festival has come to Arinar! Survive the Nian and get astonishing prizes!   
    Red, or Lesser panda. I'm sure you know 

  24. Haha
    Psipsi reacted to Emerald in [2018.02.15] Spring Moon Festival has come to Arinar! Survive the Nian and get astonishing prizes!   
    Why does it doesnt look like a panda '-' ? 

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    Psipsi got a reaction from Ubaidlee in [2018.02.14] Happy Valentine's Day!   
    Happy Valentine's day.  

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