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    Smallizal reacted to Crystana in GM making Mcs worse and elfs Op   
    Wow this was a very detailed analyzation with deep insight 
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    Smallizal reacted to Nosotraes in Can I get my account back?   
    Hey, hey, this looks like the exact same problem my brother has... But my brother traded several accounts, I honestly think it's fair he got blocked.
    Accounts are your own responsibility. If you get scammed, it's your own problem.
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    Smallizal reacted to Corona virus in What is wrong with NBK?   
    Nbk used to be feared in the early days of guilds, now they're just another typical guild full of weak noobs and insecure gankers who all kiss the ass of their leader whose ego is comparable to that of Kanye West. They are nobodies, plain and simple.
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