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  1. which level is better for pve and pvp pls say and level 14 need it ? for pvp?
  2. Please make 50% 31 too . end 1 i get my money 31 i want make more miracle pls until 1
  3. Please tell me use mana burn - and enemy lose mana or use mana bunn - when enemy use skill lose much mana? pls answer
  4. Hello i will play priest level 14 pvp what is better skill ? i will full amp +7+ i think mana burn is usefull pls help me
  5. Bye all is i stop this game ( will back 3-4week) i hate noobs they make me crazy
  6. Hello Guys look My stats get hard Super pvp but lose rando mode for noobs Block and dodge
  7. Chinesee peaple not much play game they just read books and make robots
  8. first remove old client from your phone and download new at warspear site maybe will get work
  9. Devs why removed t1 t2 t3 daily quests now we how take level ? With t1-t3 quest with elixir knowledge lv up hard ... now removed most hard PLEASE back daily quests lv14 -lv20 hard up if not have quest
  10. who not buy mc is not mean noob it mean poor noob 50% poor
  11. yes noobs always respawn attack respawn attck until pro die pro when die by noob cry and logout game
  12. this game no need +10 , this game need more friend 2 noob can kill 1pro
  13. if u want get easy cc use rogue when elfs do quest gank kill
  14. How much cc give kill 10 bd 10 ranger? and can take it same time ?
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