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  1. Hi there


    In dat new update, new pvp zones were added. Thats not a problem; the only problem is : elves are over-populated. Thats a fact, dont denie it. Then when, in ayvondil, ill start my dayly to lvl up, when i leave the city, 4 elves rush on me and i can't do anything except dying. Im looking for some Mcs to complete quest with them, nobody.


    In conclusion, i cant play on ayvondil. I cant lvl up. Elves being stronger, elves get a new toy, ayvondil.


    Thanks gm. Thats actually not your fault (that elves are over-populated ), but you can still fix these pvp area.




  2. Hello sir'


    Im a MC called starlong.

    Im from france, and yesterday i just bought a Google play card of 15€. I have done the update just yet and when i wanna buy miracle coin, i cant pay with my google play store found :( !


    Is it still a way to buy miracle coin with google play store ? I hope so, else i lost 15€ :(


    Im on server US-saphir

    Thanks you for attention.

    Have a good day

  3. Hey guys, starlong here  :snorlax:

    Im barb lvl 20 blabla from France  :drinks:


    I've seen lots of people complaining about the current war on US-shapphires. (by mcs at least ) Personally, i think "war"s sucks now  :( , there is 10/15 peoples utmost and all people just rush over stairs and sprinkled all over CL bosses.

    It's a pity..


    I propose to PLAN a war, maybe each week or just a big event each month. Let's talk over here about this project to plan a war.


    First problem : jet lag. We all live in different countries sprinkled in the whole world.

    My solution : Why not at the end of a tournament ?  8) It is the same time for everybody.



    Second problem : mcs are lazy ( I am ).

    My solution : Well... if we plan since a long time, more people will be available to join the war. Cuz when somebody says " GO WAR ALL " aha, but if there is a party at demonologist, an other at tower, nobody will join.

    Also, the power of guilds. :yahoo:

    Indeed, if all guilds warn their members, and join the war. It will make LOT OF PEOPLE MUAHAH.  :diablo:

    Then, we needs some guilds support. I ask for Sithlords, RedIsDead, alliados, legacy, Gunz, BraveWar, WhitePearl, BlackPearl, NoExcuse and others ( YEAH I FORGET DA NAMES ) to thinks about it.


    Lets talk over here about this projet, and get ready guys  ;)


    We also need a leader, lets choose together who is able to be one.


    Have a good day, starlong.


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