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  1. Goodbye hope your future brings you happiness for you take care and have fun
  2. wow cant believe gm banned me :!

  3. I think I got banned from warspear wow :! Why gm I did nothing wrong just bs
  4. Officially quit warspear guys finally haha new owner is luke so take care and good luck with your futures gonna miss you all
  5. Bro thats just awesome hell yea go ghost!!!
  6. Didn't know I was one of us sapphire best bd haha ty
  7. Aw sorry julie yea maybe who knows ill visit ty Im selling my acc via paypal guys I will be on till someone buy acc
  8. like to say goodbye to all warspear players out there, most of u know me in elf my char name is:: [mrwade] bladedancer lvl24 im quitting warspear for good and will never be back, ever. due to me playing league of legends and forza and cod and focus on my job more. had a lot of fun with all of you guys not a bad game, don't regret the game still is a good game just no time for it anymore. SHOUT OUTS: to nazzy aka nessa very close good friend have a lot of good times with you, very outgoin person gonna miss u bagoong snowleader snowslayer gonna miss u both been tight a lot thru the
  9. wadeeh


    Ive noticed it too julie :!
  10. wadeeh

    Be a MERC!

    I might have to come help mercs
  11. Buying mcoins and then sell popular items is a easy way. But if u dont wanna buy mcoins juat farm bosses and spam dungeons to get rare costumes and equipments then sell to players slow way but at least ur not spending real money to be rich on game
  12. I agree and support rainbowZ for his ideas 100 1v1 would be awesome!!!
  13. Congrats to all of you But now I think its my turn to take arena season
  14. Smart choice to focus on real things in life julie Whats ur mc name I have 3 mc ill add you we rape elves hahaha
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