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    angelblaze got a reaction from Turtle in Question For Devs (Very Serious game Issue)   
    Ya this is great bro. I have a lvl 21 bow and xbow from Halloween event both with rare skins and I have other skins as well I'd like to at least get some profit out of em so I don't know when this will happen. Hopefully soon.
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    angelblaze reacted to absalom in unfair factions   
    agreed, i havea posted about these issues before also. 
    mc/forsaken get bow/x-bow drops we cant use, where as elf side can use all the drops they recieve. It needs to be fixed
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    angelblaze got a reaction from absalom in unfair factions   
    I think its really stupid this game encourages new players to join elf and sentinel classes there's already too many and then on top of that u the gm play as elfs so u give them all the good skills and mountain clans and forsaken the shitty skills and ELF's can use all weapons and MCs can't use bows or cbows at least make a way that we can trade with them or a class that can use bows and cbows look at what I get a lvl 21 cbow from Halloween event and a lot of rare skins for bows and cbow and its useless on this side of the war
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