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  1. Why isn't maaraa banned? If I'm correct purchasing of accounts is illegal. I'm lovbeast a lvl 10 rogue. Friends with ryderx. Its kind of funny how you don't bann her cause she spends tons of cash on Warspear. Yet u bann others who don't spend much. Funny don't you think. Then Ryder's post about this same topic on forums gets deleted? Something's going on here. Prefreneces to players who spend lots of cash on a game.

  2. I think its really stupid this game encourages new players to join elf and sentinel classes there's already too many and then on top of that u the gm play as elfs so u give them all the good skills and mountain clans and forsaken the shitty skills and ELF's can use all weapons and MCs can't use bows or cbows at least make a way that we can trade with them or a class that can use bows and cbows look at what I get a lvl 21 cbow from Halloween event and a lot of rare skins for bows and cbow and its useless on this side of the war

  3. Thats true this game is based on elves really since they are supposed to be the good guys of the game they get all the better things mountain clans and forsaken are the evil ones but its still not fair that the "good" guys get all the good weapons and they can use them all and on our side we get rare things we will never be able to use.


  4. I don't think its fair I got a lvl 21 cross bow drop on my Barbarian its useless on this side of the war so why did I get it? Please fix this or make there be some way where we can trade with elves so I can get rid of it. There are so many things ELF's can do that MCs cant. Just fix this its frustrating to waist all this time for a weapon that's useless. I would suggest, like I said, some way where MCs and elves could trade.


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