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  1. Wala pa update sa itunes ilang days kaya hihintayin ko bored nakooooooo
  2. Pls fix update on itunes i download 3 times still the same zzzzzz what should i do ? Who else using iphones there need help pls
  3. I updated my warspear on itunes after install still cant play game said it was outdated
  4. Aw bakit wala c hartzel alam nya kung panu bumili
  5. Bec of mol now easy to buy mc coins here in malaysia any 7-11 available thanks kuzmitch
  6. Yup stuborn kids asking gold items etc
  7. Yah ur right :pleasantry: Boring any ways , end up helping kids quest
  8. Lol poo :nea: :nea: this guys destroying our names even though no one believe them such a jerk, doing like this
  9. Some more blame other people who not into it crazy
  10. Hi im xmoonlight me scammer haha a big lie i just want to laugh of this accusations people knows who are the real scammers . I have visa mastercard and mol wanna see my receits wanna prove im scammer prove then your pleasure.. People knows thats what i believe
  11. Elf n chosen i think no trading between the two factions
  12. Quote [/l][/l]~BladeDancer~ ~Ranger~ ~Druid~ Xmoonlight Sprytblood Lvinz Nepz Absynthe Pusss Mightythor Bellato Xephyr Scyhtez Hartzel Faithealer Protodeath Markcuz Marcuz Jerby Rpuss Ajav Harass Idolkiller Drtrue Xurgellesx Pummy Xsun Francblade Saintkilah. Xtinidorx Khenn. Ryce Saipj Tinidor. Bigwilly Xurgelesx. Xhitterx
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