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  1. he was trying to get my id and password for what ? send mc coins your just another scammer !!!!!!!
  2. New players dont know warspear past
  3. Try to remember your old pass
  4. Hhahaaaaahhahahahaah poo u make me laugh
  5. xiranceovi

    Future of bd

    How bout us even in update i still stay on my bd i spend to much on my bd pls devs do something about our skills that can counter or coup with other classes
  6. Ako d pa makalaro wala pa update sa itunes ma kaka on ako sa laptop chat lang d pde farm n arena wala mouse ? :(
  7. And why got crossbow slot in market ? Devs ?
  8. Try to play on pad mecha it run smooth good for arena n pvp
  9. Pls do something about bd n barb skill we feel nonsense after 3.0 update
  10. Lol neps tuloy mo nalang si nepz ok pa rin naman amplify mo nalang
  11. Kakainip d me mkalaro wla update sa itunes nice video :)
  12. They must fixed this bugs n make something special in melee classes
  13. I help kids but i never ask anything
  14. First of all they range just hit n run nothing we can do unless devs give us flying hamstrings to shoot thou
  15. Unfair druids n shaman crit heal ranger crit high bd n barb nothing change
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