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  1. Please put secret questions on our account before changing passwords or email, this will be a big help for our accounts security
  2. Sad story coz old BD deleted :(
  3. Only people make it pvp room actually it wasnt pvp room, pls dev make pvp room for all so we can battle one on one for example bd vs bd ranger vs ranger
  4. Bugs pls fix Posting items on tradechat
  5. Game crashes on ios when items put on chat
  6. D ko pa alam panu ung crosbow sa market anu un para saang items un
  7. I cant understand sometimes they love to hack but all items were personal gold 2k what they can get from people nothin, or they make hack as a hobby make them relief every one person they hack ?
  8. Agree Number one problem was the update still not working on iphones N others
  9. Mars sinu bumili ng rogue mo ? Bakit mo binenta ? Anu na gmit mo now ?
  10. Now people got new trick in hacking they asking username only after they know your username they will go report to support and pretend that the password was lost even though the character its not belong to them, pls devs do new security issue for this make some secret answers to prove who's the real owner or who's pretending we spend on this accounts make the security thigh for us pls
  11. Owh i see he always pm my cousin to absynthe to give info just to play in pvp cave but were not kids to give info as we said
  12. Until when we wait for apple update ?
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