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  1. no i didn't switch , i made these chars between 2011-2012 but stopped playing regularly after i made my priest on sapphire. And dont worry i dont have any friends on emerald from whom I'll take items for free and refuse to help em later on or lets call it scamming. so dont worry
  2. One of my character on eu emerald got scammed two days back, I wrote an email to support but I didn't receive any reply and didn't even receive ticket id. I wrote the email to [email protected] instead of using support form on site, so does it mean my mail wasn't delivered?
  3. No way i would go to Mars instead would you delete your warspear characters in exchange of unlimited free pizza supply for life?
  4. Yeah both of em are friends and I've seen blesskillz saying that he will lend him his suit anytime.
  5. lol i don't think he has a demo suit of his own. hes a baby and he keeps crying for it so blesskilz lends him
  6. Tch tch tch im feeling sad for him. Maybe his bum is hurting after your kick
  7. I don't think it was a right decision to change the time zones because most of the players are Asian. Well nvm.
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