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    krisztian0112 reacted to Panchen in SCREENSHOTS FROM THE GAME   
    Keelin hyper nabs wid my army of chikns!


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    krisztian0112 reacted to BennyBT in SCREENSHOTS FROM THE GAME   
    It seems that this Guardian of The Valley is gone somewhere.. Maybe he went to toilet?
    Anyways, this is a graphics bug, not a minor problem, just not very nice.
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    krisztian0112 reacted to baskentliii in SCREENSHOTS FROM THE GAME   
    hahah i was at his house then i left cuz we were going to play Super Smash Bros Wii U
    lol why were you like Omg my Idol finally talked to me lmao,but you got dissapointed when i said i was yushiko
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    krisztian0112 reacted to krisztian0112 in [2015.06.10] Warspear Online 4.11: 7 years of war. Release   
    24k max ap=24k arena weep price
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