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    Oritius reacted to Ogull in Any Update On "Connecting" Bug Since Castle Update?   
    i actually solved this problem by downloading a third party app called "better net"
    its a VPN app after connecting with the app and starting warspear online it worked and i could connect to the game
    thou it was really slow...
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    Oritius reacted to Gladiator in Things that doesn't make sense.. [Warspear Edition]   
    Warlocks have too much disables and don't need healing, mages need some sort of regen or life steal buff, or at least, a decent disable.
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    Oritius reacted to Gladiator in Things that doesn't make sense.. [Warspear Edition]   
    The only thing that doesn't make sense in Warspear for me is that devs don't buff skills that have very low use rates, and don't nerf skills with high use rates. And I mean with use rate the amount of people use skill points on that skill. Which leads to less variety in builds through players, you can barely see different builds in the game, which leads us to the one fact that there is an unbalance among skills. If devs take basis of use rate into account when fixing skills, most unbalance problems would be solved.
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    Oritius got a reaction from Keslerrrr in Things that doesn't make sense.. [Warspear Edition]   
    1. How Tank classes are able to use heavy armour but can also use light armour.. (what tank would use light armour)
    2. How mage and warlock cannot use light armor.. which would make sense if they could..
    3.Bows/crowbows dropping in mc dg.. but can't use..
    4. Daggers dropping in elf dg.. but can use..
    5. How necro skill Panic 4/4 can fear 5 away.. but warlocks skill 5/5 can fear 1 away.. (Shouldn't necros expert skill Panic be warlocks default skill? And warlocks skill Fear should be necros expert skill..)
    6. How BD's skill hamestring basically stuns them and does damage over time. How barbarian skill Rush stuns them but does no damage.. and not guaranteed for stun.
    7. How barbarian Rush + Chop (bleeding skill) = BD skill Hamestring lol.
    8. You can use scrolls right before arena (are effective)... but cannot use scrolls in arena.
    9. Mages.. they don't even have a heal skill lmao. (Make sense if they did.. even if it was mini or a hp recovery boost)
    10. Warlocks picture is a book.. but uses a staff (Suggestion add wands and books to use as shield for magic classes?)
    feel free to share your opinions that you don't think makes sense in warspear.
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    Oritius reacted to r0land in Bugs Report in v5.4/5.5   
    You can always contact your ISP regarding this issue, it's not from our side, our servers are up and going.
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    Oritius got a reaction from Emissaryy in Bugs Report in v5.4/5.5   
    For me it keeps saying "connection has been lost with server" other people has been experiencing this also, please help.
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    Oritius reacted to Oritius in *TRADE---* MC gold to ELF gold.(200k).---*   
    I will cry if that makes you
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    Oritius reacted to Oritius in *TRADE---* MC gold to ELF gold.(200k).---*   
    I have a mc and I want to transfer my MC gold to elf gold. I'll only do it by the 5k, 10k, 15k, per trade[All the way until 200k] back and forth. If you are interested in this deal please leave a comment of your
    ****-- MC name --**** (How much gold you'll be offering to trade)
    ****-- ELF name --****
    I will screenshot every trade and if one goes bad I will post on forums.
    My kik is Kommbat, message me when your ready or I'll get in touch with you IN-GAME.
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    Oritius reacted to Corona virus in ***About the Chat Filter***MUST READ by ya boy   
    Chat filters are stupid, words are words, if someone is saying words you dont like then ignore them. We all know what people are really saying on forum when they say "Duck you" or in game when they say "@!$# you". This chat filter is stupid.
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    Oritius reacted to Azebu in Create your boss!   
    WHAT is happening to forum today, anyway. I noticed website icon changed, new hosting?
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    Oritius reacted to Oritius in Naaharag The Experimented DeathKnight   
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    Oritius reacted to Oritius in Naaharag The Experimented DeathKnight   
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    Oritius reacted to Oritius in Naaharag The Experimented DeathKnight   
    Naaharag, a powerful ally (Developers can change it to be Garahaan only brother) of Garahaan before he came to power! One day Naaharag asks Garahaan for more power so Garahaan proposed a deal that if he allowed his most powerful Warlocks and and necromancers to experiment on him so Naaharag gains more power Naaharag will serve garahaan for eternity so they did just that after the experiment Naaharag got just what he wanted, more power but he was disformed and a freak to society! But Naaharag found out he didnt get more power! Just experimented on by the ones he trusted the most! One day Naaharag confronted Garahaan about what he did and challenges him to a duel, Naaharag lost (Due to Garahaan trickery) and was sealed in a cave for eternity! As time goes by the magic that seals the deadly Deathknight gets weaker and weaker and Naaharag wants to exact his REVENGE! (Garahaan knew if Naaharag got more powerful he would defeat him and claim rulership of the legion)

    Boss will have 30-50k HP 
    Forsaken Map (Possibly can be located in map 2 in a cave)
    By 20k and below Naaharag will activate Spirit Cry
    -Doubles DMG
    -Each 10 seconds 500hp-1000hp will deplete of the boss.
    Aggressive boss
    In a cave by himself of bones of great warriors who tried (DEAD) to slay him.
    (bones on the ground like in regular caves, swords.)
    A quest given to you by the great
    Garahaan himself, forsaken and Mountain Clan can complete it.
    -That move that you can do magical damage from DK Skill.
    Link to Picture



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