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  1. It's like if an nfl team gets to have 12 men on the field and the others get to to have 11 n saying that the team w 12 is the best. .. Random analogy I know o.O
  2. You can't even consider legion since comp bow is not lvl 6 therefore he does not qualify. Idassile, doty, and obliv are a tie yet I lean more towards ida since he's my homie even tho he doesn't play anymore. Don't forget Herecatch
  3. Please explain why you think I'm "starting stuff". And why I'm a newb. ... lol rly buddy
  4. Who are you referring to as low level noob pvp? Certainly not me, as I have been doing lvl6 pvp for quite some time now and am considered among the top elite
  5. Yes I understand how they can use it and who it is. I know it's a comp bow just by looking at the dmg. But I still think it's wrong to continue to allow players to use this old exploit. It is a discrace to pvp and everything that it stands for.
  6. Peter_munk since you seem to be the guy.. What are your thoughts on other lvl 6 arena characters competing for the top. Have to go up against another lvl 6 who is allowed to use a lvl 10 composite bow, which is in no way obtainable for others to use at lvl 6?
  7. Does that mean you will allow a lvl 6 player to compete for the prize using a lvl 10 composite bow?
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