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  1. -my account was hacked. its not my post, the person who email the admin use that word, you did not get it? how old are you? no offend sir. Yes i think account cant hacked. but if they use admin or support, and admin will give the account what he report so easily, and in that yahoo mail, i see another account that i think he got by emailing the support/admin, he got shaman too, admin restore the account info, level 20 wew. your support so supportive?
  2. Hello, no admin here? If you cant unblocked my account, should you give me mcoins? Its your owned fault, admin give my info to anyone *z* want me to post the yahoo mail he use, you can see what he do to get my account email id, and what admin replied -_- you can open it, coz he pm me in the game, and he give me that yahoo mail he use, he say, he just want to get my items and golds, you will see the truth evidence not only your conclusion -_-
  3. Why dont they check that ticket? inside that ticket, my email id, my friend was banned for 1 month because he post what the email message inside that ticket, only $200? Im only 13 years of age, why should i spend more? I just want a hobby, playing games. If you admin cant answer me, i will advice, dont give the email of your players, always check ther'ye IP address if the same IP on the nickname they report to you. because in his first email to admin is not my email and he use this, [email protected] and then, admin reply to his email, then admin give my real email in the game. Dear Player, Your *login *is ##########@gmail.com see? how he get my email so easy. and then he pm me in the game but i forgot the name he use, he pm my current email id to me, then i logout, i go to my, my profile, and change my email, and i see in his yahoo mail he use in his second email to admin was my first email id that he get from admin. he message like this my account was hack please help me First Email : ########@gmail.com Class : Ranger Level : 14 Name : ###### Country : Philippines i didnt know that if i change my first email and someone knows my first email will get my account, what happen is admin restore my email info, then they send to the person who report my nickname in the game, because of the right first email id i use. then i send many tickets to admin, before, i send my email, ip address, country , name of my ranger, then, they they reply to my email and they block my account forever, i see my account banned for 2weeks before it was blocked forever. its so clear that it was admin fault, they give my email to the person who report my ranger nickname in the game with wrong email id, and then, they give just to restore the password? i know my email, why should i email the gm, for my email? so weird.. please admin, your rules is like a hell rules, please becarefull on what you doing. thanks
  4. heart_perez21


    Can i ask you, whos stupid people share or sell/trade his account if the account is full +10 bow and gloves boots belt, and not personal items coz its level 13 items and has 1m+ gold with 2 rare costume not personal? Then admin block my ranger lvl14 and accusing me that i sell that account? Can you please check this ticket Re: ticket:78505a2f23b6556 you give my Email id to the person who reported my name in the game. so its my fault? Its so clear that, that was admin fault, he give my email id and im not stupid giving my email id to anybody and common sense, if i will sell that account, why should i didnt take that precious items in my account? i send email yesterday but until now np response. If you cant unblocked my account, send me mcoins in my email [email protected] I spend $200 on that account, then buy and sell items in 5months, then in the end, my account getting block because admin giving my email id for free? i respect you guys, dont always think that fuq!ng money, because if you die, you won't take that money in heaven or hell. thanks
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