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    Dear administration! I don't want my bow back! I just want u to ban player, who took my items! I know who done that, and i know all, or almost all, his chars! His chars: Rytis, Kishtar, Dektaras, Demoniuks also he has warlock, but i don't know its nickname! Thanks for ur attention!
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    If i have 2 accounts should i write both accounts in inquiry?My bow was +9 old enchanted longbow
  3. MilkiVeyn


    Dear administration! Im old timer in the warspear...but i haven't played ws for few month. When i tried to log in on my account there was an error, because my account had been hacked. I've logged on my another account. I've found guy, who hacked my account. He gave me back my account, but he took my bow! I tried to get my bow back, but he just ignored me. What i have to do? Thanks for your attention.
  4. А ничего, что тогда ребята в шмоте 13 лвла будут драться против гораздо более сильных 15? Как-то не очень справедливо!
  5. Hello! I want to join ur guild. Nickname: Milkiveynx Class: ranger Lvl: 14 Weapon: +9 old longbow About myself: I've played ws almost for 5 years. During this time were periods when I haven't play. I came back for playing only few days ago, and haven't get all my equipment, which I gave to friends. Also I have another ranger - Milkiveyn, and bd Alkohon. Thanks for your attention.
  6. Eminem, Cypress Hill, D-12, 50Cent, Dr. Dre и т.д.
  7. На зборы ходит? Как никак км ;D
  8. А Жека не играет? :( Подкиньте его вк или номер телефона пожалуйста
  9. Ищу: Appolo Hekpo Snuper он же Shtormovik Kisaa Subhood он же Robinhood, Subwerj Vist Alinka Xuwnuk 0.44 только не помню уже кем играл Jane бд в 0.44 Кто знает контакты их или где найти, подскажите пожалуйста
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