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  1. If they put more quests on then any one that is rank 5 will have an advantage anyway they will still be higher after the quests cuz they already took the time to do so many dailys so will still rank up higher in the end I think a leaderboard using rep points would be great something to work on then
  2. to multi log just download a browser called green browser let's u do things like play to runescape accounts an two warspear accounts at same time
  3. Does this mean the ranks are gonna change or will u make it so we stay the same
  4. Thanks I been wanting to know wat the smileys were
  5. The quests are alp easy just bosses are a lil hard but all we do now is boss hunt so if you need to kill a boss stay near then surely a party will kill that boss soon
  6. Well no broadband till 27th only just had installed today but if I have to prove I'm a girl I will I can ring whoever wants to be. As I only play on my phone I'm just fed up with being called a boy and my username is wat it is for a reason as its a nick name
  7. Hey everyone Hannah here some of you know me by tittietime. I'm starting to get realy annoyed with people in game telling people an me that I'm a boy and other stuff that's realy offensive. Just because some boys have pretended to be girls to get ahead in the game does not mean all of the girl accounts are boys pretending. I don't see the point in doing it i wouldn't pretend I was a boy if I wasn't thanks for reading guys and girls looking forward to meeting you all name:D
  8. I think there shud be more daily like maybe 5-8 just so there is more it only takes an hour to do the daily atm and I don't wana get bored of the game but a few more quests would sort it
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