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  1. Have you try playing necro as "normal player"? They are getting better with every update
  2. Necro panic can only be useful against melee and as a run away skill.I expecting they give necro a healing skill to balance secret link from druid.But instead,devs give necro this skill and give priest a healing skill which can null necro skill to shit.So goodluck my fellow necro,I have enough with this game.They release skill without thinking what might happened.Bet after this update,MC and forsaken are ducked,especially us necro and warlock.
  3. Now a quick question for devs or GMs or anybody that care, Does Forsaken faction got a passive faction skill?
  4. You will complain too if your passive skill is 3 mana regen even 1 when in combat
  5. lol.Stating the fact isn't crying Oh yea you might forget druid get secret link that can heal you to full in secs,you also forget tomorrow priest get AoE heal that remove negative buff so MC are again ducked.You might also forget druid gonna have another AoE damager that can stun make them have 3 stuns and 1 mini stun.Try to beat them.You might also forget bds can rush to you and stun then hams,activate shield and tomorrow they got rebound skill means they are even harder to kill. And even level 1 bds shield can take around 700 damage.Necro shield cant even take that much damage at level 1 when we are supposed to act as the support class.
  6. Yea they kinda expansive,30k will do They need it to make a balance economic in this game.On other game I played,its called gold sink where gold you spent is gone forever and not giving it for other players.
  7. Idc anymore now.Whatever update you gonna release,its always good update for elf side and bad update for mc side. Spending $$$ to build trash class(necro) is my worst mistake when I supposed to pick a druid or priest.Like you bought a phone and after 2-3 days it broken.Yea I felt robbed.Thats why I decided to leave this game,this time forever.Dont want to waste anymore $$$ for this game.Will give my acc to my best friend.
  8. Elves wont complain if our shaman get a skill that can heal of 1k at level 1 Elves wont complain if our necro get AoE heal with a cure that remove negative buffs Elves wont complain if our DK get a 7x7 banner skill (Hopefully its nerfed) Yes ,elves never complain why?because they already got good skill. You not even read,so you better shut up.
  9. Yes of course cutie +1 vs +10 any class,the winner will always +10. But we are comparing the skill with the same amped like +10 druid vs +10 necro
  10. The point is this "guy" got +10 bow and was beaten by a +9 rogue because he don't even kite and just standing there like a dummy
  11. Lol I advice you to shut up but you keep barking. Flaming arrow can't kite?Necro stagger when they heal will slow them down and can make them caught in range and thats just one sec.Flaming arrow last 3 secs and you cant kite? Use scatter shot when enemy standing near the wall is only idiot doing.Should either shoot flaming arrow then kite and use trap when in this situation.
  12. Porksteak, yo meatball.Suggest you to stfu because you sounds really noob.
  13. I play this game more than 12 hours when it was just released.Now I played no more than 2- 3 hours,just to chat with my friends and do couple arena.After 4.3 released,I am gonna retired coz I believe its gonna get worse for MC side.Wasting $$$ for trash class(necro) is my biggest mistake in this game when the game doesn't provide good skill for everyone
  14. Its not only nightmare.Poison spittle dot combo,nightmare,deathly eye,infection,panic, even fatefull connection(I think)all of them is negative buff so yeah with 1 single click they all gone.Thats great,isn't it? A heal and cure in 1 skill even works on AoE,why not making them invulnareble for 24/7?
  15. Dont get to excited.Its just another trash. trash class always got trash skill.
  16. Ok thats it.I quit this game. Another stun for druid that deal AoE damage? 3 stun skills try beat that 1v1 Priest now can remove negative effect and AoE heal? Necro new skill is useless Bds got rebound skill?Now they can hams,shield if enemy run use rush get stun,stun over use counter attack then repeat.Thats just insane. Whats the point giving rogue another "flurry of steel"? give them a stun skill like ranger. Idk why but everytime you give debuff skill to mc,its always something stupid like "the effect will gone if got attacked" when you give elf a "pure stun" which the effect will last and still can attack. Worst disappointment.Like I say,MC and forsaken faction purpose is only serve as the complement to this game.Elves cant play alone so they make mc as their enemy but MC will always got the worst and elf will always got the best. The good game end into a stupid game.
  17. Facing a warlock with a druid,you are suppose to win.Just root and damage him and then kite. 22 secs of not moving is insane.You must be having connection issue.
  18. Thats the fact.No matter what people say,thats the fact.Be honest,dont lie to yourself.You know it to be true. The easiest example is the passive skill.Compare them all,Forsaken got the worst.3 mana regen even 1 when you are on combat.How good is that? When every other faction will increase the power of their passive skill when they level up,forsaken got a good 3 mana regen that stay forever. The unbalance in this game is all devs fault.They buffing one side too much when leaving other side with the trash. Look at ayvondil,soon they will be full of elves means harder for mcs to quest.Why?because it so hard for mcs to do CL quest when elves outnumber them 1:2. Tired of it,mcs and forsaken will move to elves side mean decrease the number even more. I dont ask for OP skill for mc and forsaken skill because it wont do any good but at least give them especially forsaken,a better skill which have equally in power and usefulness as the other faction.They are now so underpowered.Dark shield was nerfed,they are not as usefull as it was.Necro heal and shield hp decrease is increasing when they level up which actually bring no advantage at all.
  19. No,its not about that. When you try to create an elf or chosen class on certain server,there is a message "You can't create character from this faction due to overpopulated and blablabla...." Now think about it,why is elves and chosen faction overpopulated? Because its easier to play them and their skill are much better.Okay,its balance but until you reach 18+,then you will see that elves and chosen are much better with their expert skill.
  20. Those 2 faction is dead.In every aspect they are losing. Tank? Elves have the best tank.Why? because their tank can deal as much damage as a damager class and still can tank tons of damage.Paladin aura helps alot in farming. Compare them with dk and barb skill.You will LOL; Damager? they also got the best damager.Ranger.You know the reason. Support? MC and forsaken support skill is stupid compare them with 600+ heal over time for 3-5 ticks or raising your damage by 10-14% for everyone.Take a look at necro "expert" skill.Its just hillarious.I dont know why devs even release expert skill for necro because they are even better without it. Shaman,their skill are good enough Because elves expert skill are better,its now wonder they mostly win on arena and can farm easier. Releasing control will actually making it worst,trust me.With all of those unbalance,the control point will always let elves to win and get the prize and strengthen them even more and weaken mc faction. With all of that,its no wonder elves are over populated that you guys need to add a system that forbid people to create elves char.Wish devs will relieze it soon.Elves got tons of good skill,now its time for their enemy to have it to create balance in this game.
  21. Dvel


    Hello Forumer ;D . Im new to forum but not to the game.I retired long time ago and decided to get back to business.I play paladin on SA- Pearl.This server isn't bad.Many kind people here.I enjoy it.I probably need help with the game because I found lots lots of update.Thats why I join this forum,to asking stuff.Okay hope I will be accepted as one of the forumer :friends:
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