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  1. Hmm yes sir.. i try to kill pontif. The pontif and mob is mdmg.. now i am increase the mdef.. 4k mdef.. and go midle and attack them.. but cooldown too long.. and i am die .. if iam use 1handled..? now is hard to find a LS wpn.. :'( my question.. 1.what best (mdmg or pdmg) for kill pontif..? I am have spear(pdmg) & hammer(mdmf) all is LS wpn(horror) 2.what best skill (sun seal or harad call or light deff) for kill pontif? 3.many ppl told me to max up skill fatter justice? What best it for kill boss? Like pontif? 4.pls tell me build skill to solo pontif.. :D
  2. Hi bro.. can i am ask.. i am have a pala but i cant kill satrap or pontif solo.. my LS is 30%.. my pdmg 572. Mdmg 318.. pdef 3837.. pdef 2743.. whats wrong?.. any ppl recommend me to use magic spear.. how best it?.. pls answer my question.. thx
  3. Spear.. Pdef = 3837 Mdef = 2743 Hp = 3338 :!
  4. Hi pro.. what best build, skill pala for solo boss.. like satrap and pontif? I am try to kill them with 30% LS. 500+ pdmg. 311 mdmg. And iam die :D i am only have 2 new skill banner and illuminat.. banner 4/4. Illu 2/4.. my pala is lvl 26.. can someone tell me what wrong.. ? Any ppl recommend me to up mdmg? please answer my question.. thanks..
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