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  1. well I'm learning my class front to back but I met alot of people that have skills and not just burst.
  2. On my bed like this now >>>>
  3. Who do u think will be pro ( great player) from thIs generation of players?
  4. divisions for guild turny based off Level? Right.
  5. I guess I feel the skill should be a little more reliable seeing that rush and shield are 2 great skill that are reliable 1/4 and 2/4. Other than that I'm glad someone found me funny what's a day with out laughter? But again thank you for commenting increasing my knowledge of the game play of game and how rube people can be towards someone's opinions when it may just be easier not to even reply to the topic anyways have a good day/ night and take it easy on the fellow noobs out there on the forum
  6. You clearly don't understand stand the point I'm trying to make About the skill. I understand what you all are saying, maybe I need more time to learn the skill cuz it sucks 1/4 and 2/4 is okay but when ur being cc down by mc's it makes me wish the skill lasted longer but okay thank for commenting
  7. Thanks for all the help! since I posted this I do 528 now I use axe and sword. I have full arena, full he, and full dd. I'm working on get kw now. I most likely use my dd armor for now cuz I spend money on buying armor, And amping weps. I still plan on being the best BD. I don't know how far I have to go but ik I'm getting there.
  8. Ty I'm not the only one that sees it.
  9. No op I just want this skill yo have a little more respect than others. BD'S have rush, a sheild, and another damage skill. counterstrike is something out of the box, so let see it shine.
  10. I personally love the abilitdy Counter Strike . I feel the skill ends way too fast Before it's useful ( mostly talking about pvp ). I was hoping that you can either increase the time of the skill or increase the rate of it hitting and slightly increase the time. this is one cool skill and I think it deserves it's chance to shine
  11. I have full he armor, and my friend does as well. He pointed out that he armor not dishing out al the hp it is suppose to. so I took a screen shot to show we I mean. First picture I put my arnea Helmet on top of my he armor Next picture I put full he armor on and the hp different didn't make any since If I'm over looking something please help me out.
  12. Name change to Critcree please
  13. I don't have any quest at new map and it won't let me do tower hard.. I don't understand....
  14. Or u can just lock this page I'm sorry for re-posting this topic, and I want to point out your section of words were kinda uncalled for seeing that I'm kinda new to that forum, and blind to alot of things that are posted. Next time a friendly link could have been a better approach. (just for future reference) have a good day/night tho
  15. But I'm asking in general... And can you please link in still kinda new to the forum... No need to get "fresh with my lumps" :[
  16. KingCree

    Guild: Thunder

    Us sapphire :x add me Kingcree I'm always on.
  17. I'm Kingcree us sapphire I want to be the best BD in my server... And I will be! But I wanted to know what gear I need to be the best. MUST PROS WONT TALK TO ME but what ever.. So that leads me here. I really need to know what weps armor enchants Blah blah blah so I can show ppl in not kidding around >:[ once in pro I wanna help others who want the same as me. I WONT STOP, I WILL BE THE BEST BD WATCH ME!!!! ty to those who will help me
  18. If ur elf make mc friend or make friends that are strong to help. I did lake and sea in one day had a pro mc friend and a pro elf friend that helped. Being new to people will get u far. If ur us- sapphire add me I'll help u Kingcree
  19. no thank you, you really made it clear to me how this is ran. I understand most of your choices in why you move topics around. Your doing what's best..
  20. I understand what you mean but for example. Us- Sapphire >guilds blah blah blah make it so that us-sapphire isn't just server base stuff but more broken down. I personally want to talk to people from make server more often with stuff from my server. Don't get me wrong Enjoy hear about other servers and comparing server. Ps. Thank for taking the time to read my post:)
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