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  1. Out of all the players listed physik legion and guess zeus (putting my personal issues with him aside) seem fine but I don't really know legion all that well But seem like a cool person
  2. Frist off.. hi powley let pvp again second wtfl been playing for as long as I can remember but I'm not that old. Third skills are skill can't call them gay lmfao
  3. Rollercoaster push pop landscape tumble blast
  4. Both mc and elfs come together to fight a super boss. U will need pts to clear adds and each add group has a mini boss. Idk y this sound fun to me xD if you think this is dumb let's say its swaaz's idea xD lol
  5. I don't think many people come to forum to read rules about forum. Maybe being a little strict. Or I should shut up and keep moving
  6. Hell hell hell no xD but I wouldon't mind
  7. This topic sounds pretty for dual loggers
  8. Wow you my new favorite forum person. Thanks for reading I broke like every rule xD like a boss
  9. Let me start by saying I enjoy playing this game, and I have met many people I generally love talk to/ playing with. But the lvl of unfairness is driven me crazy. 1. Arena is grade A++ bull shit, cuz frist pay to win which is "ehh" to me, but to be able to dual or have memebers in your guild lose to u just so u can win... are u really winning? If that's the case change the name from "arena" to "dual-guild-fights" I found my self at the stage where I wanna win something just to feel like a did something in ws other than help people buy shit and blah blah I just find it unfair that only frist place wins a unique item what about all the others that tried there best (not using dual log). I'm not throwing anyone under the bus I'm just saying.. 2. When I frist joined ws and made a forum account. I found mods to be very disrespectful and rude. I was new to the forum bearly knew how to work it and I had questions.. but to assume and humiliate people because they didn't know? Mods are picked out very well... but one did apologize to me. (much love to that guy can't remember his forum name.) 3. war is poorly made. I feel like gm just put some shit together and said "here kids something new" why allow players to RESPAWN at the town under attack? In mostly all control point type games you RESPAWN at the next base after the one under attack OR duckin put a time limit when they can RESPAWN. I spend my fair share or money on this name. I honestly just wanna know what going. THANKS FOR READING:) SORRY about any misspellings and/or typos
  10. where the duck is my name
  11. Shauunn is gonna be pro for sure!
  12. So glad it's finally coming. This will be my first Christmas with ws and can't wait to see what the belts look like.
  13. Shout out To my Mentors Timeussss, and Quilt. Also props to sweetmandy & Nessah FOR JUST BEING ON THE LIST! *Cough cough* timeussss is the best druid I have ever seen, no disrespect to all the others
  14. God I can wait to be on this list. NEXT YEAR BLADEDANCE: CRITCREE! ! FOUNDER OF CRITNATION! !!!
  15. this is some real stuff. I try my best everytime i qet on, to learn something useful to help me become the best bd. Apocrypha shares that same drive along with a few others Im gonna forget to mention. Don't count our generation out just yet.
  16. Any time I hear "NoAmpChamp" I think of that one guy standing at t4.. xD 24/7
  18. You guy are losing the point of my post. UP AND COMING. . I KEEP SEE PRO'S BEING MENTIONED. I'm and up and coming for sure. I'm +7/8.. players that know me know that I ask alot of questions from armor to combos. I even go mc side and learn something. it may just be that you guys don't really look up for lower lvls. Maybe u just ignore there pm's :/
  19. Welll... i don't use axe/axe Mobs I use axe/sword and pvp sword/dagger. And maybe u two aren't really looking, with these new skills coming in; the game is being changed and there's more ways to play one class now. Honestly bd is a pvp class and same goes for rouge. Axes right now are the ish cuz they get the job done simple. So naturally people move to the simple. As with swords and dagger u need a combo.
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