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  1. LIFE: to have fun and give all you cash to Warspear Can u fill in the blank? "understandable please " [ I was on my way to school when I saw _____, so I when to class_______ and arrived late. The teacher asked me "______". And I replied"______". after class was over I when home________ thus ending my story.]
  2. you are missing the warspear logo but nice picture bro
  3. forgot to post on your picture LIL MAMA beautiful thats frist place right there
  4. what amp is that axe? its very white! lloll
  5. well heres my photo started ws last year around the time of this event so I'm happy I can finally join hope ya'll enjoy
  6. Happened to me, I was like wtf is my phone gonna blow up
  7. Wait for map 4 to open up I'm sure there will be great things to come.
  8. Kimbo much love to you my friend. You tought my some key points about pvp that opened up door for me in this game. Everytime I pm'ed you, you never failed at making me laugh. You alway encouraged my dreams in becoming the best Blade Dancer. Even tho I'll never be that good you made me feel that good xD and for that man thank you and may your soul find peace. You will alway remain my close friend. 》KIMBO THE LEGENDARY PRIEST OF US SAPPHIRE《
  9. scepter and book. Guys I think this could be something cool and new for staff holders make Books, and scepter (weps of course) scepter in right hand book in left. I'm not sure if books should be more pvp base or def armor and mdef base. Shit why not both? different types of books. This seems like a cool concept and skins for these weps would be awesome. GM PLEASE HOLD THIS UNDER consideration
  10. but it's a problem all together. BTW I love your game style and I decided when I go mc I'll be a sham
  11. when I try searching for threads I have questions about I never find it so I'm sorry for reposting.
  12. yeah basically, my frist time trying to chase rank in arena and got a big slap to the face but Im well over it had time to think about it but thanks for the response
  13. Bull shit want u to notice me
  14. Well what are you trying to say???? your phone is better than mine??
  15. Ok he is real that one of my close friends. Second he was frist a bd along ago named wtfl
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