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  1. roland commented wow this topic is hot, btw good job making it to the top 5
  2. its the 29th and the grand sell is over?? what happen to the 30th???? did i miss something
  3. Haha hahaha thank you guys you all are awesome
  4. woooot wooot woot cute picture
  5. KingCree


    when i started this game sithlords haters everywhere, shiiit i started hatin to but nah there a great guild that focus on what there goals are. like my mom said "if you aint got haters you doin something wrong." but when you gonna let my sham join tho
  6. i think dk is the best (PVP). I never played dk but their skills allow then to catch "runners" (warlock, sham, rangers druid, etc.) and hold till there died.. while other melee classes can get kited 100-0. I'm a BD and it suck to pvp "runners" cuz for me i have to catch them and if i dont kill them on my frist stun well... 100-0
  7. ham, bacon, eggs, cheese omelet if you could have 1 superpower what would it be?
  8. duh everyone drinks cow milk why is the sky blue?
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