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  1. I feel you bro, that's unacceptable...
  2. This is tight (cool) I'd like to see this win.
  3. This is cool man. Much respect.
  4. sure, if you want them to (in this case) help you gank blindly. honestly its whatever i handle mine regardlessly. help or without.
  5. pvpcave or dramacave? full of misunderstanding, confession, weak players that gank when your low hp, then call there family to help gank you when u fight back.
  6. other than that bro. This a great idea.
  7. why hasn't this been approved yet. I mean we need this and gm can make his money by making us pay for it like bags or link bags with the personal storage so u can choose to use the bag for ur character or you're storage center that will be linked to all of are accounts. Come on devs please consider this. Elf and mc character have separate storage center obviously
  8. woah bro no one said they were good :x I was just opening aother side to the story
  9. Dodge bro and high mdef he loses a stat but not a bad tactic for increased dodge.
  10. not sure exactly what you mean but from my understanding reward is given to the faction that destroys the enemies banner
  11. The RESPAWN at the town under attack, is there any possibility that you'll change it to only allowing you to respond at the next town before the one under attack? Or maybe even a test run. Just to see how it plays out? Maybe increase banner hp.
  12. hey you go again... are a bd? if not say in yo lane please.
  13. bro the rush is a "skill shot" dk's pull works % 100 of the time big difference.
  14. youre telling me you are pro if you can control your character well if +1. Bro are you serious? No disrespect to you but that sounds like a load of crap. XD
  15. When everyone stops being lazy and get map 4 unlocked it will be more used
  16. Make on class weak will make other class became or god like. Bd have trouble with ranged classes. If you were to nerf bds then you would need to be nerf other classes as well. (Long story short) if you want a nerf on bd go down to ToyRus buy a nerf footall, make a bd account and slap the ball on ur phone a few time till you feel its nerfed pretty well.
  17. so you have to have played more than a year to be pro? damn so all the work and skills i learn means nothing cuz im only a year old... or maybe im just invisible :L im just gonna continue getting better not gonna let this stop me
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