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  1. I am leaving this playing too, At Median night I got NOTHING from the dungeons. Whole month doing this everyday! No point to do dungeons, random system of this mobile game is a blame to me. Tired to receive cocktail and apple pie as reward. Stopped buying miracles, stopped playing this. When will be updates here, I gonna be logged in for a few minutes, no more time its worth. "Random amplification" and "Random reward from dungeons" I sick of it, enough. Else one reason is nothing to do. Sometimes standing a hours in towns. Stuck at top level, twenty fourth is a top now, tired to wait for available upgrade. Sad sad topic. Bye, haters see you in the hell.
  2. Santa gifted me a seeker elixir that's it. Nothing more. I know I was a bad boy but that's too hard.
  3. Gifts to the players for Merry Christmas? A pots? hahahahahahah ill die laughing Gifts to the players for Merry Christmas? A Seeker stamina x1 and pots and life scroll? I ll die again Gifts to the players for Merry Christmas? A set of snowy caskets? I ll be happy and quiet I promise, dad.
  4. Replace the Physical Power of us, magical casters into the right power, into the Magical Power PLEASE. Thanks you.
  5. Selling crystals and runes at market for cheap is to sacrifice a bit of profit but about to win the time. Damn while were typing here someone took captive grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  6. what happening to game right now? I seeing info messages with warning of server's stop. Russians working hard! look
  7. I do think you right. ANY attack is ANY attack so must be that way: used poison blades skill, jumped with elusive jump and target got wounded and poisoned.
  8. at Central European time (+1, same London) its morning now And DEvelopers : Belt 19 lvl arena.
  9. Developers, add please the belt to arena supplier for the 19 lvl PLEASE
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