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  1. dear gm , can u add " change name card" in miracle shop? u know, in my country we cant buy miracle coin , so wr want to buy in other player
  2. i playing in my pc . that phone only for play when me not at home
  3. hey im glad for participate this contest http://imgur.com/tnXBWnh
  4. peter_munk , please fix bug at cooldown of skill . when i go quest i use poisonous blade and why my skill elusive jump go cooldown? but i didnt use it before it make me cant use it !! fix it
  5. but u know , if i forgot to buy that it skill useless
  6. peter_munk , why rogue new skill need knife in bag :! it make that useless if we use it to arena,hunt, dungeon and quest we will spend much money to buy that fix it please i see just rogu in this update must buy item to skill
  7. so long i wait MT done so long ang after update must download it and it mean i must wait again :! in my country now 3hour again is tuesday ahhhh !!!
  8. why GM not open sms service to buy mcoin at insonesia :'(
  9. Dear GM , i see in this game many indonesia player than another country . but why u not open buy m coin by sms service for indonesia :( ? we need it so much :) thank u
  10. dear gm , why in indonesia we cant buy miracle coin by sms service ? in this game many indonesia player need to buy miracle coin by sms :( we hope u open sms service to buy miracle coin in indonesia :)
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