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    Paritus got a reaction from Makyro in [2021.05.24] The “Call of Mermen” special event: hurry up to pump all the underwater talents!   
    I wont play this game. I improved a talent 3/3 preventing hydrofobia and I didnt see any change. I still get this annoying debuff. Change sea world or improved talents , already many ppl left the game 
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    Paritus got a reaction from Khrone in [2021.05.24] The “Call of Mermen” special event: hurry up to pump all the underwater talents!   
    I wont play this game. I improved a talent 3/3 preventing hydrofobia and I didnt see any change. I still get this annoying debuff. Change sea world or improved talents , already many ppl left the game 
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    Paritus got a reaction from Drakoslayd in [2021.05.24] The “Call of Mermen” special event: hurry up to pump all the underwater talents!   
    I wont play this game. I improved a talent 3/3 preventing hydrofobia and I didnt see any change. I still get this annoying debuff. Change sea world or improved talents , already many ppl left the game 
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    Paritus reacted to coldravens in [2020.09.24] Update Warspear Online 9.0: Heroes of the new era. Release   
    WHYYYYYYYYYYYY, they were nice free to play option why you remove the only none chest minions, if you remove them from arena shop atleast put them in guild shop or in pirate shop let us have some free to play minions.
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    Paritus reacted to Peony in [2020.09.17] Update Warspear Online 9.0: Heroes of the new era. Preview   
    Festivities seemed to overtake Arinar, but actually there are much more interesting things going on on the islands. While all warriors fiercely defended each celebration and fought powerful monsters, in the silence of abandoned temples and among the silent mountains mysterious heroes have perfected their combat mastery. 
    Few of the still living can remember the first days of the War for the Spear, that already claimed many thousands of lives. The resources of both alliances are long since depleted, the armories and treasuries are nearly empty, but the turning point of the confrontation still seems infinitely far away. Or does it?
    After 12 years of great struggle, the Legions and the Sentinels are to consult the foregone wisdom of the ancestors that was for many years zealously protected by the leaders of the Clans and templars of the Chosen. And while the former will invoke the names of the spirits of the mountaintops, the latter will turn their prayers to the sun in the rays of its zenith.
    Thus beings the completely new chapter of Arinar’s history...
    You know that we are constantly working on improving the functionality of Warsper Online and try to introduce new mechanics and content, but this update definitely differs from all the previous ones. Because very soon each of you will be able to develop heroes of two brand new classes with a full set of basic skills and main expert ones! Thus you will have even more opportunities on the legendary path to becoming a great warrior.
    The templars are the true warriors of the spirit, who have chosen two paths at once: those of a monk and a knight. Leaving the world full of vanity and temptations, the templars are spending many years fasting, praying and warrior training. Each of these spiritual warriors concludes their learning in the hidden Temple of Light at the top of a mountain. There, in the radiance of the midday sun, they take a sacred vow to serve Harad and bring the light of truth everywhere where the darkness reigns. Equaly skilled with staves and maces, the Templars feel themselves at home within the ranks of both paladins and priests. Their words inspire allies and instill awe in enemies, blinding them with divine light and calling for repentance.
    Faction: Chosen
    Armor: Cloth or Heavy
    Weapons: One-handed mace + Shield, Staff
    Role: Group support, range and melee attacks, mixed damage, control enemies

    Basic skills:
     Blame (active)
    Magical attack that causes increased damage to the enemy.
    Applies a negative effect "Stun" to the enemy for some time if he has the effect of the Touch of Truth skill.
     Whirlwind of Repentance (active)
    The attack deals physical damage to all enemies within a few yards of the character and applies a "Quicksand" negative effect on them with a certain chance for some time. The effect reduces the movement speed of enemies. When developing a skill to the fourth level or higher, the effect additionally reduces the "Accuracy" parameter for enemies.
     Reverse Flow (active)
    Creates a vortex zone in the specified area for some time. Every second, the zone throws all enemies in it a few yards away from the edge of the zone and puts a "Stun" negative effect on them for some time. Enemies can't move or use skills, and damage to them doesn't remove the effect.
     Grace (active)
    Increases the physical and magical power of the character for a while.
     Combat Support (active)
    Applies a positive "Sun Barrier" effect on the character or moves the character to an ally and buffs them with the positive effect for some time. The effect absorbs any incoming damage.
    Expert skills:
     Harad's Teachings (passive)
    Each time an enemy is stunned, the “Baptism of Fire” positive effect is applied to the character for some time. The effect instantly restores health of the character and the group member with the lowest amount of health, depending on the character's magic power within a few yards of him, and also deals additional physical damage to the enemy on the next auto-attack.
     Touch of Truth (active)
    Creates a suppression zone around the character that expands over time. After reaching the maximum size, the zone disappears and blocks the ability to use skills for all enemies who are in it for some time.
     Mantra of Healing (active)
    Applies a "Divine mantra" positive effect on the character for some time. The character can not be attacked, and at the same they can not auto-attack, use skills or items, and their movement speed decreases. Additionally, the effect restores a certain percentage of the character's maximum health per second.
     Deity Statue (active)
    Puts a statue in the specified area for some time. The statue takes some of the damage from auto-attacks on friendly players within a few yards of itself.
     Sucker Punch (active)
    The attack that deals physical damage to an enemy, moves them a few yards behind the character's back, and applies a negative "Stun" effect on him for some time.
    Developers’ commentary:
    The Sentinels' Alliance lags behind the Legion in terms of control skills, so the new Templar class is designed to close this gap. This character in heavy or cloth armor is able to provide combat support to his allies and tactically control the movement of enemies on the battlefield: stun, slow down, and even move them. In the hero's repertoire, there are skills for various combat situations that can weaken both skill and auto-attack focused characters. And the availability of a choice between a mace with a shield and a staff will allow players to find their own style of play for the class.
    Chieftains are the living embodiments of the northern spirits. They lead the clans, inspiring by example for feats of arms. The chieftains, like the shamans, worship the spirits of the Mountains, imitating them in battle. The power of a bear and the speed of a wolf, the vision an eagle and the cunning of a rat make Chieftains fearsome opponents. Their hardened bodies, only covered by cloth or light leather, don’t know pain. Maces are the symbol of the chieftains’ power and they masterfully wield them, one or two at once.You should think twice before challenging one, because the might of the all clans’ spirits has their backs.
    Faction: Mountain clans
    Armor: Cloth or Leather
    Weapons: Spear, Two-handed maces, Two one-handed maces
    Role: Damage-dealing, melee combat, mixed damage, area effect spells

    Base skills:
     Blow of the Spirits (active)
    Magical attack dealing increased damage to the enemy.
     Eagle Eye (active)
    Applies a positive attacking effect "Eagle Eye" to the character for some time. The effect deals periodic magical damage to all enemies within one yard. Additionally applies the “Bleeding” negative effect for some time upon a critical hit with the skill.  The opponent takes periodic physical damage and multiple effects can be applied to the same opponent.
     Bear's Stamina (active)
    Instantly regains the character’s health depending on the magical power of the character and additionally a percentage of missing health. 
     Wolf's Alacrity (active)
    Applies a positive effect “Wolf’s Alacrity” on the character for some time.The effect increases movement speed of the character. The next successful autoattack the effect deals physical damage to the enemy and reduces their movement speed for some time. The effect then vanishes from the character.
     Thrashing (active)
    Roots in place all enemies in the specified area and reduces attack speed and physical and magical power of enemies for some time.
    Expert skills:
     Clans' Help (passive)
    Every time upon using the skills of certain clans, the character receives a buff, and when three buffs are accumulated, the character receives the “Clans’ Help” positive effect for some time. Clans of the Wolf and Rat — the effect increases the Dodge parameter of the character. Clans of the Eagle and Puma — the effect increases he Critical Hit parameter of the character. Clans of the Bear and Boar — the effect increases the physical and magical defense of the character.
     Curse of the Plague (active)
    Sends a monster to the specified area. The monster deals periodic magical damage to all enemies within one yard of itself and at the end of the path, then it disappears. Additionally applies a negative effect “Curse of the Plague” with a certain chance for some time. The effect reduces the Accuracy parameter and the opponent’s cooldown speed.
     Swooping Army (active)
    Creates an attacking area for a certain time. The area deals periodic magical damage to all enemies in it and reduces the “Dodge” parameter for all enemies.
     Rugged Hide (active)
    Applies a “Rugged Hide” positive effect to the character for some time. The effect reduces any incoming damage based on the missing health of the character.
     Cat Reflexes (active)
    Increases the “Accuracy” and “Critical Hit” parameters of the character for the duration of the skill. Additionally increases the “Accuracy” parameter of the character for a certain time after an enemy dodges any attack. Skill with a constant energy drain.
    Developers’ commentary:
    The Chieftain is to fill two balancing roles for the Alliances. Firstly, the Legion didn’t have enough skills for closing the gap and moving across the battlefield. The new class has a skill that allows catching up to the enemy in mere seconds, which is very useful in the PvP portion of the game. Secondly, the Chieftain possesses high amounts of both single target and area of effect damage, in addition to nice bonuses to survivability, which makes them a good pick for PvE and solo play.
    Factional islands
    The appearance of additional classes will once again plunge a lot of you into the history of the starting islands which, by the way, have been significantly improved so you can much present your new powerful hero to entire Arinar much faster!
    The main changes concerned the Dungeons, because you no longer have to stand at the entrance for a long time waiting for the party - the Dungeons on the starting islands have become easier and they are only available for solo walkthroughs. In addition, extra buffs are waiting for players inside, which will help them successfully complete the fight if the character's strength is not enough. Also please note that there will only be three Dungeons left (only for levels 7-9-11). You won't find the other two on any of the faction islands.

    Mini-bosses and Elite monsters
    For all starting islands elite monsters will be weakened so that each player can defeat them on their own or with the help of a minion. By the way, the strength and capabilities of the minions that the character gets for the story quests have also been improved. Now no fight will be too scary for you!
    In addition to the mechanics, you can also notice changes in the graphic display - the starting islands have become more realistic, if we can say so about the pixel 2D world. And moving around Arinar will definitely be more pleasant!




    Also, the hint system has been updated - now they are clearer and look much better.

    The active widgets of the party that were introduced to the game in one of the previous updates have been improved and changed. Now you can not only use them to impact available party members, but also see debuffs, effects with delayed damage, effects with healing over time, as well as damage-absorbing shields for each member. Be careful, the display of the effects is disabled by default in the settings!

    That's all, get ready to improve new characters, and more details about the upcoming update await us at the day of the release.
    See you in the game!
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    Paritus got a reaction from f4348357 in where can i see award of the reputation of mermen   
    Reputation bonuses
    Please keep in mind that the bonuses for improving reputation with the Mermen slightly changed:
    0 – 4999 reputation points – neutral:
    - maximum amount of oxygen: 15 units
    - movement speed underwater: 60% of base speed
    5000 – 14999 reputation points – friendly:
    - maximum amount of oxygen: 17 units
    - movement speed underwater: 70% of base speed
    15000 – 34999 reputation points – respected:
    - maximum amount of oxygen: 19 units
    - movement speed underwater: 80% of base speed
    35000 reputation points – venerated:
    - maximum amount of oxygen: 22 units
    - movement speed underwater: base speed
    Hope that will help you 
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    Paritus reacted to VitoKill99 in CHARACTER LOADOUT   
    What about make a pre-set loadout buttons that consent you to instantly switch gears?
    For example you preset one loadout with full pve gears and one with full pvp gears to don't waste time to change gears if u need to kill a real player or a boss after u killed a player
    (There is ppl has many different gears and actually switch set takes too much) @Akasha @Holmes
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    Paritus reacted to Starshinee in Lady Flora   
    Lady Flora
    Em um reino distante movido de inúmeras guerras uma graciosa menina nasceu, mas havia um problema, ela era fruto de uma traição, sua mãe era uma das amantes do Rei, e quando a rainha descobriu sobre isso ordenou a execução de ambas, matando também o Rei, no entanto algo estranho ocorreu, ninguém conseguia matar aquela bela criança, então a deixaram na floresta a própria sorte, e o mais inesperado aconteceu, a floresta a reconheceu como filha a protegendo de todos.
    Conforme crescia, poderes dentro de si foram despertando, era evidente o vínculo que ela tinha com a natureza, mas ao descobrir sobre seu passado por sussurros da noite, sua alma radiante se escureceu, seu desejo de vingança se mostrou, ela planejou executar a rainha e todos aqueles que a seguiam.
    Em um dia de primavera ela apareceu nas ruas do reino, todos a olhavam com admiração, era belíssima, seus olhos eram rosas assim como os cabelos, e se alto denominava Lady Flora vinda de um dos reinos aliados.
    Ela entrou no castelo como uma verdadeira dama, e durante o jantar de boas vindas executou sua vingança, matando todos os membros da corte impiedosamente com sua magia venenosa, desaparecendo deixando apenas os cadáveres secos como evidências.
    Feito da mais pura e delicada seda, ele imita minuciosamente as roupas de Lady Flora, quando mostrou seus poderes aos membros da corte, assim como na lenda a sua representação é graciosa porém com um ar maligno.
    Todas aquelas que escolhem vestir este traje sentem seus poderes transbordar.

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    Paritus got a reaction from XreaperX in [2020.01.23] Spring Moon Festival has come to Arinar!   
    New event for afk players Im tired of thatpls change it
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    Paritus reacted to Akasha in [2020.01.23] Spring Moon Festival has come to Arinar!   
    the dynamic events from the last Halloween seemed like a good solution for that, in order to get the best buffs and drops, you pretty much had to be active otherwise you'd get killed by mobs. What do you think?
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    Paritus got a reaction from Cardinal in Phishing sites!   
    Eu emerald Sentinels 

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    Paritus reacted to Peony in [2019.09.11] Important news from the Underwater world!   
    The exploration of underwater territories is in full swing. Brave heroes have been able to reveal most of the secrets of the sea bottom, and the map has ever fewer unexplored depths. However, the Ship Graveyard is set to receive a series of updates that will make changes and repeatedly expand the place and ways for an exciting pastime in underwater areas, islands and grottos.
    We want to be as open as possible with you, because it is you, the players, who make a huge contribution to the development of our MMO project, and the future of Warspear Online depends on the quality and transparency of our relationship. Today we want to tell you about our plans, so that you are aware how the development is going and what will happen in Arinar in the near future.
    We have made an important strategic decision - to release a continuation to the underwater story in the spring of 2020 to prepare a large and carefully thought through update. We understand what the release of the V sector update is important to you. But to do everything as we planned and provide you with high-quality content, more time will be needed. Yes, you will need to wait for some time, but you will not be disappointed! 
    You will not only unlock a new two-stage event “Mermen Trials”, with a single-elimination system standoff, the Dungeon “Sanctuary of Tritons” and the second raid boss Orcinus, about which we’ve written in the preview and the release, but the fifth Castle of Ayvondil too. In addition, expert skills will be reworked and added, new mechanics will be introduced, and it will be very, very interesting. Trust us, we will meet all expectations!
    As for now, there is an active preparation for the celebration of the Median Night. One of the our favorite events promises to be quite unforgettable this year! We won’t reveal all the secrets yet, but soon you will learn everything from the preview.
    Thank you for your patience, attention and dedication to the project!
    Your AIGRIND
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    Paritus reacted to Sai Chandra in [2019.08.21] Game servers restart   
    It doesnt work. Fury buff works only in underwater
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    Paritus got a reaction from lallouss in [2019.08.01] Update 8.0: The Ship Graveyard. Release   
    This game was Pay2Win now it is Pay2Play good move devs 💲
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    Paritus reacted to Spayzerr in [2019.08.01] Update 8.0: The Ship Graveyard. Release   
    First, good morning everyone. I would love to understand the reason for removing all the gold gained from sector 4? Is that a reason to force players to go to the wonderful sector 5? This sector has taken the patience and willingness to play from many people. So many problems make it hard to know where to start. Come on... Sector 4 was one of the few ways that non-paying players make their gold without much difficulty, and taking it away was cruel. Sector 5, and incredibly different, cool, new game mechanics, though, try to understand that no one was prepared for it. It is very strange this gameplay where it uses 1 oxygen per minute, but it takes 5 minutes to recover 1 oxygen. Have you ever wondered how discouraged players are about this? It does not stop there. I understand the monsters must be strong, but I still don't understand why you get on a screen, take 2 steps forward and a monster that is on the other side of the screen came to attack you if you don't even pass by. Please take a closer look at this new city, there are a lot of things that can be improved with a little attention. Thank you
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    Paritus reacted to Peony in [2019.07.30] Update 8.0: The Ship Graveyard. Preview   
    Warriors of Arinar!
    Update 8.0 is just around the corner and that means there is only a short time to gather your strength and be among the first to dive into the wonderful underwater world. Hurry and be sure that incredible adventures and dangerous encounters with sea creatures await you. Alongside the V sector, new character levels will open up, new guild events will be introduced, a new opportunity to learn talents of characters, entirely unique equipment will be made available, and also the maximum hero level will be increased to 32! 
    The main questline
    The Pirate Captain will take the bravest heroes to the V sector, however bear in mind that you won’t find him on the Main Dock as here are too many prying eyes. His ship is moored aside, near Whispery Shore. And your adventures into the underwater world begins right here.
    When you find yourself on the Pirate Archipelago, to begin with you have to complete the first part of the main quest line, based around pirate conspiracies. You will have to clear out enemies in hidden caves, look for buried treasure, fight terrible monsters and most importantly — get to the “Sea Tramps’ Lair” dungeon. You're supposed to fight with deep-sea monsters controlled by Sea Tramps by means of an ancient artefact - they are the bandits who refused to obey the Pirate Codex. Having done with the monsters, you will free them from chains and be able to turn them against Tramps.
    As soon as the underwater conditions become more familiar and the sea brigands take you into their ranks, the next part will be becoming acquainted with the Tritons, and the start of the new questline. These dwellers of the depths will need support and protection of their territories from invaders, and in turn they will help you with your main task — the search for the World Creation Clock, the most powerful artifact.
    Keep it in mind that completing each new level of the “Sea Tramps’ Lair” dungeon will open new daily quests which will help you get Tritons’ reputation quicker, to proceed to the other events in the underwater world.
    As you already know, interaction with the Pirates and Tritons will go through the accumulation of reputation. Pirates’ reputation will be a classic version, the mechanics of which you already know. But Triton’s reputaiton will have several brackets that you should know about:
    0 - 4999 of reputation point - neutral
    oxygen maximum level: 10 points underwater travel speed: 60% of basic speed 5000 - 14999 of reputation point - friendly
    oxygen maximum level: 13 points underwater travel speed: 70% of basic speed 15000 - 34999 of reputation point - respected
    oxygen maximum level: 16 points underwater travel speed: 80% of basic speed 35000 of reputation point - honoured
    oxygen maximum level: 20 points underwater travel speed: basic speed  
    Guild event in the designated area “Assault of the Ship”
    This event will become available almost immediately: there are no special conditions for it and you will only need to fulfill a standard activation trigger. Successful completion will positively affect your interaction with the Pirates of your fraction and will help in further underwater adventures.
    Many years ago this powerful Galleon has hit the shoal during a terrible storm, near one of the islands of the Pirate Archipelago. Most of the crew couldn’t survive the fight with the cruel sea and now their lost souls, alongside the underwater beasts and wreaths of poisonous mist, have overtaken once one of the most powerful ships in the history of Arinar. Will the heroes be brave enough to step into the god-forgotten holds of the Galleon and fight their way to the captain’s quarters, searching for the hidden treasure?
    To remind you, “Assault of the Ship” is taking place on a specially designated location, containing multiple stages, each of which differs in the number and strength of the monsters. Proceeding to the next stage is available only after completing the previous one. No skipping!
    Guild event in the dedicated area “Descent into the grotto”
    Activating this event will require completing the dedicated dungeon “Sea Tramps’ Lair” several times, on the high or heroic difficulty. Only then will you be able to descent into the grotto and overcome all the difficulties of the path, together with your battle comrades. Successful completion will not only bring the rewards, but also prove the strength of your guild to the Tritons, which will improve your reputation among those marine inhabitants.
    The inhabitants of the islands never had trouble with entering the grottos, but not many managed to get out of it. A labyrinth of chained shallow caves is not only scary due to how it easy it is to get lost or simply buried under a heap of heavy rocks, but also because of its inhabitants. Marine beasts that enjoy the grottos for several decades and live in the gloomy darkness, have grown accustomed to such conditions and any source of light may spell immediate death to its bearer.
    Don’t forget, the main tasks of the guild on this event are escorting the player, bearing the torch, and protecting them throughout the path. So bee careful, watch your step, protect each other and the torch, and don’t linger in one place under any conditions!
    Guild event in the GvG territory “Invasion of Chaos”
    A daily event that will take place at a specific time. Though, as a reminder, throughout the Ship Graveyard territory there will be multiple entrances to the event territory, but only a few of them will become active. You will be very lucky if you end up being near them! The main goal of this event is to kill as many monsters as possible and earn rewards. You will get points for each Chaos Spawn being killed. All monsters will differ by difficulty level, and for the first minutes on the battlefield you'll meet simple mobs in order to have an opportunity to prepare to the real bloody fight. The longer you stay in the Break, the stronger monster will appear on your way and more point you will receive for their killing. Try to reach the main bosses in first: World Serpents will show up closer to the middle of event, while Chaos Princes will get out from the Break right behind them. Notice that this monsters won't respawn again. Act quickly and take into account that other guilds won't give you a helping hand!
    Five centuries ago, the Great Rift has awaken the ancient powers of Chaos, which slumbered in the bowels of Arinar since the dawn of time. The ocean floor was broken by numerous fissures, through which Chaos began to slowly spread, poisoning the bodies and souls of the sea inhabitants. Its presence is especially powerful in the Twilight Depths. One who isn’t afraid of the ancient evil and manages to understand the essence of the rifts of Chaos, will be abble to topple its power and restore the balance in Arinar.
    Guild event in the GvG territory “Trial of the Tritons”
    In time, there will be an opportunity to aprticipate in another event — the Trial of the Tritons. As you know from the Developers’ Diaries, it consists of two stages, where the standoff uses a single-elimination system. We will talk about this event in more detail later, when you gather strength and experience, and the Tritons will be ready to invite you into this dangerous adventure. 

    Dungeon “Sea Tramps’ Lair”
    The first dungeon available on the V sector of Ayvondil conceals unique pirate treasure. But getting to it will not be easy!
    The Sea Tramps are zealously guarding their lair, but its main valuables are not gold or pearls. In the grottos, caverns and hollows of the lair, a different kind of treasure is hidden — sea beasts, captured on the Azure Shallows, in the Twilight Depths and even beyond the archipelago. The Tramps value the beasts, hoping to sell them for a fortune. But turning the creatures on the Tramps themselves isn’t hard at all. Start with Kadzira, a monster born in the southern seas. Give him a good pummelling and you’ll see how the wounded beast’s fury befalls the Sea Tramps!
    The mechanics of this dungeon you have already learned in the Developers’ Diaries, so we will only remind you of the important thing: to open all daily quests, you will need to complete all 4 difficulty levels of the dungeon, and for the entry to each level you will have to gain definite amount of Pirate Faction reputation points.
    As one of the guaranteed rewards for completing this Dungeon will be the Reputation of the Tritons. Please note that you will be able to receive a limited amount of reputation each day.
    Dungeon “Sanctuary of Tritons” 
    The entrance to the second dungeon of the V sector will only be available to the guilds that successfully complete 2 phases of the Trial of the Tritons event. The Sanctuary only has one difficulty level, but you have definitely never encountered anything similar to the trouble prepared for you there: the most powerful and scary monsters, insidious traps and other less than pleasant surprises will await you inside. That is why we can only recommend such an adventure to characters who reached level 32, which will be the maximum with a new sector.
    However, the history of the Underwater world is much more vast and intricate than it can appear at first glance. Because of that, we will unveil it slowly and carefully, page by page. For now, however, we advise you to thoroughly prepare for all the dangers that will await you in the depths.
    “Search for sunken treasure”
    In the V sector you will encounter an entirely new kind of an event, where you will have to demonstrate your combat prowess and strategic thinking. You will need to walk along the seafloor and find the sunken ships with treasure. However, before approaching the pirate trove, you will need to find a special key, hidden in a reliable stash. Only then will you be able to open the desired chest inside of the ship. Exactly at that moment you must be extremely neat as anyone from the opposite Alliance may interrupt you: attack and grab all the rewards. And don’t forget about the guards — the treasure is securely protected by the marine thugs
    The depths under the Pirate archipelago are aptly named the Ship Graveyard. Many centuries ago, when sailing on this latitude still prospered, it was a crossing point of multiple trade routes, and pirates constantly attacked the trading ships. The sudden and rapid attacks of the brigands never left the traders a single chance. To this day hundreds of ship carcasses rest on the seabed, sunk by pirates or broken by the storms, and serve as the only reminder of those dangerous times. Treasure dimly glimmers in the sunken holds that pirates never got to. Thousands of heroes tried to find those caches but overestimated their ability and came back empty-handed. Could you get to the riches and come back alive?
    World Bosses
    Throughout the underwater sector, countless dangers await the courageous heroes, and only the most brave, crafty and skilled warriors of Arinar will be able to overcome it. One of those dangers will be terrifying raid bosses Captain Giant Octopus and Orcinus, who frighten not only by their size alone, but their power aswell. Only the best of the best will be able to take them on in a battle that will be remembered forever.
    Captain Giant Octopus

    Captain has destroyed innumerable seamen who got in his way. Those who managed to survive his pincers are still afraid to come near water to this day. Are you ready to fight a bloodthirsty creature? Such a fight could be your last...
    This ancient monster appeared even before history of Arinar. At that, Captain was never alive and thus the physical death doesn’t worry him in the slightest. His presence is just another moment in the eternity and the death of his shell is no different from life. There is a legend that Octopus is a god, but surely not in this world. Still, coastal villagers bring him tribute only to not see him in their nightmares.
    Try to defeat this boss as quickly as possible! If you don’t, the awakening of the monster will not come easy: the ranks of his attackers could noticeably dwindle.
    A very old and powerful beast that hid out of sight on the bottom of the sea and surrounded itself with sea monsters who became its only family. But you can see Orcinus and maybe even defeat him when you feel like a fish in the water.
    Puzzling out underwater riddles, you'll meet 5 chilling monsters in your path, and your victory over them will help you to pass the storyline quests. However, some of them are ready to fight absolutely in any moment - just find them in the sea depths.
    Gang Leader 
    The marshal of Sea Tramps together with his brother are frightening the whole Pirate Archipelago. Each of them are located in Tramps' shelter in the different ends of Azure Shallows. 
    Old Inker
    A giant octopus living in the Sunk Ship in the Pearl Town. Sailors are whispering stories about hte amount of ships it has sunk to the bottom in his time.
    Drowned Admiral
    Admiral died many centuries ago protecting another ship. Having felt new fights to come, he still rises from the dead in order to do his duty.
    Levadis the Bloody
    Once Levadis the Bloody with a few surviving comrades hid in his sanctuary in the west of the Twilight Depths, near the Thunderbird Port. All these years he is said to strengthen his power and evil will there.
    Sea Witch
    The Sea Witch is an ancient evil that lives in the deep. For several centuries she was hiding in her hut gaining strength, and now brings discord between the inhabitants of the bottom and the surface. It will be possible to overcome her along the storyline only, simultaneously revealing the secrets of the Underwater World. But be fully prepared - you have never encountered such a powerful enemy!
    Presence on underwater territories
    Underwater sector as any unexplored territory, has its own features. To start with, being underwater you will need Oxygen, which, of course has the tendency to run out. You should bear in mind that during a battle at the sea depth, the rate of oxygen consumption increases. Try to monitor the Oxygen scale intently, it's displayed under the block of information about the character while you under water.
    Once you remain without oxygen and die, the revival will be the same as in the open world. But only on condition that if you respawn immediately on the spot, the Oxygen value will be increased to the required minimum, so that you can be under water for a while and climb the island. When you revive at the Statue, the Oxygen scale will remain unchanged. 
    Oxygen recovers automatically as soon as you find yourself on land. You can view information about Oxygen on the surface in the "All Parameters" menu > the "Status" tab.
    To not end up feeding the fishes, you will have to methodically plan your advancement between islands and take breathers between submersions.
    Additionally, movement speed underwater will be lower than in other locations. But in time, warriors of Arinar will be able to improve and travel around the Graveyard much faster. Aside from the passive bonuses from achieving a certain level of reputation, a special tree of underwater talents will assist you in this.
    As you already know from the latest Developers’ Diaries, in the 8.0 update you will get the opportunity to learn “Underwater Talents”, which are split into several types, each of which contains specific abilities.
    You can improve your character’s performance under water, increase his defensive characteristics and resistance to negative effects, as well as gain a temporary advantage on the battlefield in the form of a passive growth of some characteristics.
    The new “Talents” menu will be available in the Character tab. There you will be able to check the current talent level and requirements to improve it. Don’t forget, those categories are independent, so you will be able to improve all of them and maximally develop your character!
    You can read more about routes of developing talents in the Diaries.
    In the Developer Diaries we've talked a little about the new merchants. Smugglers don't ask unnecessary questions when making deals and hide in their bags unique items that you won't find outside the Archipelago. Just don't forget that for the purchase you need a special currency - Pirate doubloons! You can get them successfully passing new events - from the Pirate chest.
    Expert skills menu
    We transformed the expert skills menu and divided it into three blocks, so it will be possible to open additional slots in each of them under certain conditions.
    An important change to notice is that now you can purchase immediately the slots opened at higher levels of the hero without waiting for the leveling up. In addition, there are the slots that can be opened by completing the achievements.
    New chapter of Ayvondil brings 50 unique achievements and 6 of them are legendary.
    Other changes
    There are some other additions and changes that appear now but are related not only to the V sector.
    Loot drop distribution
    The "First 10% Rule" will disappear. Now the loot will be dropped to a hero or a group that made the most damage. Consider this during the fight!
    A new Arena category is added - 29-32 for 2x2, 3x3 and Temple of Seals - and the 18-28 category is enlarged to 18-32 for 5x5 mode.
    Non-player factions
    The principle of acquaintance with non-player factions will be changed - it will be enough for you to enter the territory belonging to the capital of this faction in order to open it for yourself, without completing any quests or interaction. Before you score 5000 reputation points with a faction, the relationship with it will be considered as Neutral, not Friendly. The relationship with the Free League will be changed - now reputation will be earned from a minimum value of 0 to 5000. Other
    Now while entering the Dungeon the reward information block will display the number of guild and reputation points that you can get per raid.
    In the "Achievements" menu you will be able to see all the available awards that can be obtained for completing achievements.
    As you already understood, it is a real adventure that awaits you underwater! And to convey the whole atmosphere, we paid special attention to music. Don't forget to turn on the volume to immerse yourself in the underwater world!
    That's all for now, on the day of the update you will find more detailed information about some innovations, awards and some other surprises.
    See you in the game!
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    Paritus reacted to Xallen in Ktoś jeszcze gra? :D   
    Hej, czasami wbijam popykać jak ktoś chce pograć ze mną jakiś wspólny spam dungeona lub bicie bossów z kostiumami to niech pisze mój nick w grze Xall 28 shaman i Lae 26 dk 😄
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    Paritus reacted to Reivenorik in [2019.03.14] Warspear Online 7.10: The Pirate Putsch. Release   
    We will think about it, wait for the news.
    Unique craft items cannot be obtained by any other means 
    No one forces you to buy chests with cosmetic items, they do not give any advantages in the gameplay.
    This is a traditional event, just like in spring and winter. What do you expect from it, if we are working in parallel on a new sector, have you not thought about it?
    In addition, these are annual events, and it is clear that their main idea will not change. This is what players are waiting for the whole year!
    If you don't like it, you can spend time on the lands of Ilselnort or Ayvondil.
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    Paritus reacted to Reivenorik in [2019.03.06] Warspear Online 7.10: The Pirate Putsch. Preview   
    Have you heard of the 21-day rule?
    Let's try it in practice, and see what happens 
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    Paritus reacted to Creliseth in Daily Quest Rework and Exchange Posts   
    Daily quests in Irselnort should be kinda balanced. What's wrong with them?
    They take too much time for "daily" quest. Grind is ridiculous, these quests take sometimes up to 20 minutes to be done. Not all players are willing to spend their money on getting their equipment to +8/+9... Requirements such as these are not so friendly and healthy. In comparison with daily quests u get in Ayvondil, which are really easy, this is ridiculous. This way, lower level players suffer more than higher ones.
    How to fix this?
    Quest requirements should be cut in half. Thing like "Exchaning posts" should be introduced.
    How would these thing work?
    Simply, each camp/town should have one of these. Because Warspear devs decided to lower gold of all monster drops to a single gold coin, players are these days looting only items they need. Lets say u have daily quest that requires from u to get 30 Tongues. U get these Tongues by killing Wolfs which also drop things like Fur and Animal Eye. Now, these Exchange posts should work like this. Instead of grinding like retard, lets say u loot 20 Tongues and 15 Fur and Animal Eyes. Now, at these posts u can trade 3 Furs for Tongue (3:1 ratio). Same should be for other items.
    Sorry for not explaning it a little bit better but i hope y'all understand and support this idea!
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    Paritus reacted to Ragonir in Halo zyje ktos ??   
    Jesteśmy, jesteśmy.  Tylko mało aktywni na forum :D
    Naszych "górali" tez całkiem sporo
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    Paritus got a reaction from Ragonir in Halo zyje ktos ??   
    Są Eu emerald elfy 😄
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    Paritus got a reaction from ericoy in [2019.01.17] Arinar goes beyond its limits   
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    Paritus reacted to Ragonir in [2019.01.17] Arinar Przekracza Granice!   
    Warspear Online to nie tylko gra. To cały świat, z nieostająca walką, Nieskończonymi Historiami, ale najważniejsze – z wami,Bohaterowie Arinar! To projekt który stał sie istotną częścią Firmy wraz z życiem Pracowników. Mamy o wiele więcej ekscytujących wydarzę przed wami 
    W międzyczasie nasze studio rozrasta sie, przekształca i rośnie w siła wraz z nasza drużyna. Utalentowani specjaliści, z ambitnymi celami i zadaniami. Nadszedł czas zrobić Krok w przód,i podzielić sie z wami dobrymi wiadomościami.
    Kiedy jesteśmy zajedzi wprowadzaniem w życie Podwodnie Krainy, Nasza druga drożyna pracuje nad rozszerzeniem świata Ariar, nowymi historiami  wraz z nadciągającymi Eventami .Dlatego postanowiliśmy zaprosić was do Zrecenzowania, i krytycznego podejścia z pasja do testu nowej Gry MMORPG Skylore przed jej wydaniem!
    Skylore to nasz project z unikalna historia, innymi wariantami starcia oraz dynamicznym systemem lvl-owania oraz żywym otwartym swiatem,
    Gra będzie tylko po Rusku przez pierwsze testy.
    W pierwszym etapie testów , będą mogli brać udział Rosjanie na terytorium.
    W następnych Etapach pozostałe regiony Swiata.
    Weźcie odział w zamkniętych testach na our official site.
    Wiejec informacji odnośnie testów  here.
    Monecie dołączyć do VK i Facebook grup – wszystkie nowości odnośnie gry znajdziecie tam.
    AIGRIND Team
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