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  1. I wont play this game. I improved a talent 3/3 preventing hydrofobia and I didnt see any change. I still get this annoying debuff. Change sea world or improved talents , already many ppl left the game
  2. Beside daily quests, reputation can be earned by killing raid bosses and completing Dungeons of the Blissful Island, but it should be kept in mind that there will be a limit on the amount of reputation gained this way per day. The maximum amount that can be earned is 15,000.
  3. Reputation bonuses Please keep in mind that the bonuses for improving reputation with the Mermen slightly changed: 0 – 4999 reputation points – neutral: - maximum amount of oxygen: 15 units - movement speed underwater: 60% of base speed 5000 – 14999 reputation points – friendly: - maximum amount of oxygen: 17 units - movement speed underwater: 70% of base speed 15000 – 34999 reputation points – respected: - maximum amount of oxygen: 19 units - movement speed underwater: 80% of base speed 35000 reputation points – venerated: - maximum amount of oxygen: 22 units - movement speed underwater: base speed Hope that will help you
  4. Add some pirate doubloons to daily quests in t5 bcs guild events are too hard for small guilds and its impossible to get some coins for new eq
  5. New event for afk players Im tired of thatpls change it
  6. Eu emerald Sentinels
  7. Is new bonus Depths fury works in dgs sea tramps?
  8. This game was Pay2Win now it is Pay2Play good move devs
  9. tu na forum rzadko kto z polakow jest aktywny pytaj w samej grze a ja nie pomoge bo nie gralem barbem xD
  10. Maybe because you need be in 3 prievious stages
  11. People wanted chests with only costumes and skins, So I dont know what problem you have with that
  12. At last stage of event boss should have more hp because we havent much time to get there
  13. Paritus


    I think he wanted say stuffs
  14. Rangers arent alone, tanks like wardens deathknights and barbarians they can solo do kronus, faceless, spawn too
  15. Will Frogls be a Playable race? Will Mounts be in skylore? I think yes. Awesome
  16. At first stage u can faster and easier do this just use agro at ice valkyre and lure her down and kill her
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