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  1. Development pallys r out of control I thought u could deal with them by running away from banner becouse the cd is long but sadly if your not a brain dead pally you won't throw down banner without using root spell.Now an even bigger complaint is in arena 5v5 I did a couple games today with my guild average players with average amped gear well this is where the line must b drawn we were doing good till a 2 pally team started quing at first I had no idea whut happened we all just died in 5 seconds nd when the dmg bored came up one pallys dmg was 8k+ the other 6k+ now the thing is the game lasted about 5 seconds after it started. There is no excuse for this pallys baner dmg gota to get toned down even if its cd is lowered THAT DAMAGE IS NUTS. NOW IMAGINE A 4 PALLY Teams arena will not b the same till I c sum nerfs heading pallys way.

  2. We recruitng usa members to join a very tight group of friends (mainly usa players) We are soon to b a level 3 guild we will b looking for members to join for a few tournaments on the near future pm undandoar or bloodshock for more info.

  3. Im not desperate at all I just wanted people like you to spread our fame :) Evryone should know the real us not just by rumors spread by people like yourself Much love RedISDead haha.

  4. Hello turtleneck I took my time to make an acount on here just to speak the truth.  First of I was +6 amp at the time nd u only beat me by 1-2 hundred hp. Second of all you nd ure healer buddy jumped wulf :! Funny how you talk all your shit where no one can defend against your false claims. If you say you can beat me challange me again il b happy to post ur pic when ure fave down kissing the floor -sincerely undan, leader of the famous RedISDead.

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