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  1. It was for 20$ at the very beginning, you missed it?
  2. That thing on its left foot looks like a watermark.
  3. The formatting is terrible, I agree.
  4. I have better things to do than follow people around to instigate fights. Well, with this cleared up, no problem.
  5. Their multiplayer platform has been buggy recently.
  6. TONIGHT'S THE NIGHT Steam Sale: You Can (Not) Refund
  7. Great designs, I like them a lot. Nothing over the top, trying hard to be grim and dark, no excessive spikes and edges, I like this kind of style. Kinda resembles a lobster, especially in thumbnails. About behavior, I personally dislike bosses who can heal themselves. It only makes the already long fights even longer. If players had skills that can hinder healing, it would be fine, but we sadly don't. You could of course balance it out by giving the boss lower base health, but then it only makes it even easier for big organized groups, while crippling small parties. If that's what you want, a boss that's meant to be taken down by groups of 40 people, then no problem here. As for the "target healers" ability, it's a good idea to mess with players, but it could be easily countered by healers leaving room just before phase 2, and returning when phase 3 begins. With poor coding, this would end up making the boss stand idly for a while. Personally I'd give him something else to disrupt everyone, but it's your boss, and unique ideas, even if they won't work well, they are still better than the mundane tank and spank for X minutes. And the statues, one worry. I hope the boss can be fought without activating them all, and they just provide "minor" nuisances like 20% more damage. The boss should be defeatable with just one side present, we're still at war. As for story, DIDN'T READ LOL. I'm not a great writer so as long as it doesn't have any "ancient evil sitting inside the earth for one million years", or anything equally stupid, it's fine.
  8. I've seen that, but in the first screenshot he has only a pen visible, but he didn't use it for anything in the drawing. There is also that weird "cut-off" on the left side visible on second screenshot, which is really peculiar. It's just weird. Even if he didn't draw it himself, it's not against the rules to get a friend or family member to draw for you. I'm just curious.
  9. I have that on Galaxy S4.
  10. Hey, I have a question. It's drawn with pencil, then why are pens laying next to it? It looks great, even too great for a contest of this size. Seriously, if you've drawn it, mad props, but the fact that tools don't quite fit made me suspicious.
  11. Jesus Christ you guys, how does this keep happening.
  12. You've seen him before. You watched him fight. Maybe you've even killed him already. Pushover. Drunkard. Baldy. Waste of space. A joke. Those are the words people said about him. Nobody even remembers his name. But there is also the other side of his story. He trained his boxing skills for seven years. Every time he was defeated, he stood up again and continued fighting. Every hour, every day, every month, in seven different dimensions at once. He trained hard to get where he is for over 3 million hours. AND NOW HE'S BACK STRONGER THAN EVER BEFORE AND THROWS A CHALLENGE TO THOSE WHO BULLIED HIM BEFORE LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, IN THE RED CORNER, FROM GODGORATH, WEIGHING 180 POUNDS, EVERYONE'S FAVORITE LERKY THE TIPPLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEER Jesus Christ I'm a horrible artist. Stats Slash indicates values before and after entering Drunk state. I couldn't decide between Parry and Block. Parry seems more appropriate, however Block would give him an edge against ranged fighters. Health : S Energy : D Damage : A/SS Phys Defense : A/B Magic Defense : B Parry or Block Chance : A/C Skills These are just ideas, there are definitely way too many to include. Pick how many you like. Drunken Rage - temporarily enters Drunk state, which increases physical damage and attack speed, but reduces defense and parry/block rate. Weakness Exploit / Know Your Enemy - Lerky inflicts target with Weak Point stack, which increases damage dealt by Lerky by 20%; lasts 3 minutes, with duration refreshed upon every new stack, requiring players to change tanks. 60 seconds cooldown. Ethanol Fists - Lerky sets his fists on fire, giving himself additional magic damage on each hit. Iron Will - returns damage received to attackers. 100% damage returned if it's reduced by attacker's armor, or 50% if it's not. Full Crouch - increases Parry/Block chance. Fair Play - target receives debuff which temporarily nullifies all healing. One-inch Punch - deals damage, and steals energy. Palm Break - reduces enemy defense. Flurry of Fists - performs three hits, in quick succession, with reduced accuracy. Cross Punch - performs a strong hit which stuns target. Rising Phoenix - deals damage, and inflicts Burning on target, causing it to receive damage over time. Rockbreaker - deals AoE damage around Lerky. Drops Invisible Boxing Glove - a skin for 1h weapon which hides the weapon and makes player attack with his fist. Perhaps his fist will glow depending on amplification level of weapon? Props to: some guy who made the lobster boss, for making me realize simple ideas are great, Shilan, for providing in-game data, brainstorming, and listening to my stupid ideas, and Dan Kim for being my spiritual mentor in drawing.
  14. Warspear used to be p2p, changed for f2p with microtransactions to invite a wider audience. Honestly, I don't remember anyone being against that decision when it was first announced, because what could possibly go wrong. :^) Changing from f2p to p2p would be bad because MAJORITY of players wouldn't like that. It's just a horrible decision, forcing you to pay for something you used to get for free, and invested a lot of your time into. However, a p2p SERVER, that would be great. I can see it working well. It could (and should) keep the p2w stuff, but at least GMs would have much better community. Maybe a p2p beta server even?
  15. Isn't there already a character limit though? If the difference is too big, you simply cannot create a character on one side (unless you already have one on that side on your account).
  16. Yeah good ad hominem fallacy there. Let me restate so it gets to you. You are not important. You are worth as much as literally everyone else in this game. You are not better than the other six million players here. And neither is your guild. It is just as good as each of those two thousands, made by two thousand equally good players. So get off your high horse. If you want to be in a big, 30 player guild, join one that is already at 25 members or so, instead of trying to make one from scratch. Show that you're smarter than those two thousand and actually do the logical thing which is sucking up your pride.
  17. No, it shouldn't be gold or cc, only mcoins. Plebs who work hard to earn their status? That's not how things work in real life.
  18. Yeah, nobody could've predicted those tragedies. Well, b2p games on phones do sell pretty well, though I'll admit f2p games have higher popularity. One day it will happen. f2p games will lose to b/p2p. But the question is, will we live to see that day?
  19. I've noticed that f2p brings demise to MMOs sooner or later, which is sad. f2p does make the most money of them all, but I think the others aren't that bad. There is WoW, FFXIV, which have both b2p and p2p, are still doing pretty well. There are probably many others, but I can't say much as I never played those. There is also "premium" account system, in games like Runescape, Dofus, Wakfu, and it works really well, but I'll be honest, it probably doesn't greatly reduce the community part that devs hate. I've also heard some upcoming MMOs, like ToS, which initially planned to be f2p, is now considering p2p. Maybe few years from now on, b2p and p2p make a glorious return. I hope.
  20. Will you guys ever make a new MMO? If you do, please make it b2p or p2p.
  21. First of all, all lines before "Now back to Graav" were aimed at Twobluntz. The phrase itself indicated that the following lines were about the problem at hand that you raised. As majority of your post is due to misunderstanding on your part, I have nothing else to say. So I'll restate what you missed. Join a guild instead of making one.
  22. "We'll work on this issue right away" followed by ignore. Or making words "block", "scam", "account" an auto-mute for 24 hours. Or disable private messages to GMs. To be honest, I have no ideas. I guess it's the fate of f2p games.
  23. Sorry but you're terribly wrong. Friend list exists, indeed, but it doesn't let you socialize. Does friend list let three people talk together? No. You might think "but aze, there is always party, where five people can talk!". However, that is not the proper use of parties. Using parties to talk with friends is as bad as using guilds to talk with friends. And what if there are more than five people who want to talk? That's what you can do, make a guild to talk with friends. It also lets you do dungeons with random people, WHILE talking with friends. If you need to find people to help, join a party, etc, there is always world chat. An easy solution to this issue would be implementation of "chat channels", but that's not the point of this thread. About the "less noobs wasting time & more players moving on up" part, you need to think of what you're saying twice, because you're saying very wrong things. What you're saying here is that players should absolutely not have fun wasting time on low levels, and rush their way to level cap. That is very wrong and I hate this kind of mindset. Let everyone play the game the way they enjoy. Now back to Graav. Do you invite everyone you see, or only "good" players? It's hard to find good players now, because most of them already have a good guild. You should try "investing" into new players, with hopes they turn out to be good players. That's probably the best way to make a strong and friendly guild, in my opinion. And, if you can't make a strong guild yourself, why don't you just join another one? I mean, you are complaining about not being able to find players because of so many small noob guilds, but yourself you are a leader of small noob guild. You have to agree that it's easier to find a guild to join, than to find a memeber who'd want to join. So, what's the problem? Just do what you're telling everyone else - delete your small guild, and go join someone bigger.
  24. No, you are assuming that every guild wants to be super elite #1 ass kickers. Which is not the case. Some people simply want to have fun, and make guilds for their small circle of friends.
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