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  1. As a Polish person, this is great news.


    Does it suck for Germans? Certainly Trump and Merkel won't have good chemistry. And from what I've seen, German media paints Trump as second coming of Hitler. But don't worry, only one more year until someone will Machen Deutschland wieden gross.

  2. I think that's a great idea. Definitely a great reason to pick this game up again.


    Although, we must consider AiGrind, and the fact that this would make them lose money.


    Here are things I'd try (one, or two at most, not all of them at once):

    - one season lasts only 1-4 weeks, and new one launches every 1-3 months, so we have to go back to regular servers (I personally remember that I kept playing for a month or two longer after the "fun" period ended, so there's that)

    - make it pay2play (like the good old times), could reward best players with free codes for next season

    - some sort of transfer system? transfer your characters to regular servers after season ends, or ability to transfer 1-2 items to next season

    - reduced prices for MC items to encourage buying cosmetics that'll soon expire


    Server itself could use heightened drop and mob respawn rates, maybe doubled arena/dungeon entrance limit, general QoL changes to make gameplay on such server more dynamic and user-friendly.

  3. I've been waiting for Steam sales, but just realized there are no games that interest me. Maybe I just haven't found 'em. Suggestions?

    We've been past many sales, which have brought us many games to play.

    Now there are two types of games you want to buy: the games that look nice and have nice discount, but you have so many games already that you can wait for next sale, since you know there will be one; and the new releases that you either already bought, or the discount is really small.


    They also removed daily deals. While that's good since you don't have to wait until last day, the sales feel bland and boring now.



    Oh, Humble Bundle has a great deal right now.

  4. The immigrants are being heavily discriminated, and because they have nobody to talk to, they lash out, which causes events like this happen. This is the same situation as a kid who is bullied finally snaps and shoots up school.


    The best solution is accepting more immigrants, to give them more friends who aren't xenophobix racists like all europeans.

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