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  1. Main source here is rogue compared to the bd but what of other classes? Any ranged class (mc side included) just out kites a rogue and/or stun locks them after rogue unstealths. Food for thought. Extra: Why is a damage being compared to a tank anyway that just proves the imbalance.
  2. Everything is fixed is more bs then ever myself an countless others get instantly disconnected upon login so please explain what ur definition of "fixed" is.
  3. As one who has played both sides for about 3-4 years ive only seen elfs become more over powered. Skill nerfs on elf are only banner while circle, ricochet, etc have all been nerfed on mc because elfs complained. Ive seen people complain daily on mc about skills like secret link, druids heal 800+ instantly full health no other class has that ability even a full +10 necro or priest crit healing (unless using no health gears). Bds Just hide behind shield and ham and let counter kill others. Mages have the ability to see rogues in stealth which means a base skill is now useless. Yes i know all the elfs are gonna say stuff in return "mc are the over powered ones just look at locks" theres maybe only 3 locks that can go head to head with a healer, one ham from a bd theyre dead, etc. Rogues have stealth see mage skills. Need I go on? the point is elfs over the years have become a more powerful and now its to the point of unbalancing the game (biggest reason being expert skills). Something should be done but it wont most likely been asked for, for about the past 6 months and nothing has. Basically its now live with it and wait for the next unbalance in elfs favor and hope you can enjoy the game without PvP. And to everyone whos gonna hate on this please it makes for great entertainment. Denial is a human self defense mechanism.
  4. its official swaaz dnt even know who i am and is just saying stuff to sound like he does xD
  5. Whyd you post 3 times? Not helping your case here.
  6. Why are people so serious

  7. I bothered to log onto to my acc on forum just to reply to this. The fact that your going to these lengths to "embarass" him is kind of sad infact it can almost be considered harassment. Your all so happy to all of a sudden be beating him after how long of him beating you? And all because of just one person (who ive heard got everything they have by scamming from more then 1 person) who got full +10 and spammed losing partys in arena with accounts that they bought. I suggest you just get a life its a game and you take it way to seriously.
  8. Just a bug ive found id send a ticket but Gm on break so postin here thx
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